Thursday, January 6, 2005

The Boyzz---and other stuff

Here's what the two "assassins" look like in the ever-flattering light of the Christmas tree.  That's Alvin on the left, Theo on the right.  We've made it through the folly of combining two junior cats with five Christmas trees...relatively unscathed.  In fact, I don't think they broke a single ornament.  Their dad and I managed to explode a few when we were decorating the tree in the living room.  Yes, explode...that's the only word for what happens when a glass ornament comes in contact with a laminate floor, having been dropped from, oh, about a three or four-foot height.  Can you say, "Disintegrate? With a satisfying crash?"

I've manged to de-Christmas two rooms so far.  The bedroom and the dining room are officially undecorated.  They don't exactly look back to normal, since there are boxes stacked all over the place, waiting for Saturday, when we plan to go through the garage and sort through all the junk that's been on the shelves in boxes since we moved in more than three years ago.  It is to be hoped that we will actually throw some of the stuff away this time.  I think I've got the right least today I did.  I went through the pantry and weeded out boxes of cereal, noodles, rice, crackers, and other things that have been sitting around for at least a year.  A lot of it was purchased before we started the diet last January, and we really don't eat pasta and rice much anymore.  OR it's stuff that I stocked up on for company, and I just don't want to have it around here as a temptation.  I hate to waste it, but at some point you have to concede that it's just not going to get eaten.

So, it looks like I'm ticking some of those things off my "resolutions" list.  Here it is, January sixth, and I'm still into it!  Must be a new record...  One of the things I'm proudest of so far, is that I have managed to get my butt and my dog's butt out for a walk almost every day since last Monday.  Even today, when it was raining.  And, wonder of wonders, I didn't melt!  Last week, we took off on a walk that I knew was a circle, but I didn't know how large of a circle.  We ended up walking for about two hours, and logged almost seven miles.  Dog kept looking over her shoulder at me, like, "Are we there yet?"  I'm sure she thought I had lost my way, my mind, or both. 

Won't it be nice if I'm sitting here in two months writing that we've walked sixty days in a row?  Well, maybe that's a stretch...but we've made a good start.  


  1. Ohhhh....dd purred when she saw those pictures.  What gorgeous kitties.

  2. Looks like the bodies are catching up with the ears and paws. They look so innocent-as long as you're looking "at" them. How do you spell mischief? A-L-A-N-D-T-H-E-O.

    Jackie :-)

  3. y know I got way behind here with this hand thing (and one hand to go) if you get bored after you've finished...come on over for a "visit" hint hint....LOL...Congrats on keeping the resolutions.

  4. So cute! I love Theo's eyes. They look a bit different than the typical cat's eyes. Good for you on the resolution keeping. I went two days in a row with wearing makeup but failed to make time this morning but I've been early to work all this week which is way more important to me at this point anyhow. :-) ---Robbie

  5. You are my motivation!! I will definitely get my butt out and walk tomorrow.


  6. So cute, so angelic...yeah right! Itchy was relatively well-behaved with the Christmas tree. He didn't break anything, but did create a gap about 1/3 of the way up where he slunk in a couple of times. Mostly he just liked to sleep under it, and drink the water. He was bummed when we took it out:(

  7. Great pics.  Good for you keeping up with your walking!

  8. Good for you!  I'm rooting for your success and I think I could take a page or two out of your book of resolutions to apply to myself. Oh, I forgot, I was going to only have One resolution for this year.  LOL  Beautiful kitties!

  9. Awwww, what cute kitties, Lisa!  And five Christmas trees?!  My goodness.  That is quite a lot of Christmas spirit. ;-)

  10. ...Give me your pasta, your poor
      huddled crackers yearning to be eaten free.
      The wretched refuse of your teeming pantry
      Send these,
      the homeless, carbo-tossed to me.
      I lift my lamp beside the Golden Door!

    (with apologies to the Statue of Liberty  ;)


  11. Please convince me to walk when it is raining, a little cold, or anything else that distracts me.  

    The cats are lovely.

  12. 5 trees?!  I barely can manage one!  that must be some clean up!  Adorable kitties.... :-)