Thursday, March 17, 2005

Grin and Bear It...

I really don’t feel like jigging after yesterday’s senate vote. But it is St. Paddy’s Day, so I’ll let these little guys jump around for a bit. Maybe I’ll hit the bars for some green wine or something this evening. Hmmmm…that sounds pretty nauseating, doesn’t it? But I don’t like beer…

Did anyone catch the news conference Mr. Bush held yesterday to announce the Wolfowitz appointment to the World Bank post? I’ll admit, I didn’t see the whole thing. They showed only the juiciest bits, with appropriate commentary, on "The Daily Show" last night on Comedy Central. ("The Daily Show" is the only TV news program that I watch anymore. I’d rather watch the news presented as comedy than comedy presented as news… Jon Stewart is hilarious, and for a comedian, can conduct a hell of an interview.) Bush has been in office for more than four years, and he still looks like an ass when he appears before the cameras without a written script. Why do his handlers EVER turn him loose with cameras rolling? I’ll never understand what half the voters in this country saw in this man that led them to reward him with another four years as "Tongue-Tied-In-Chief." Can you say "nuclear?" That’s more than our president can….

Though I’m disappointed with the senate vote yesterday on the Cantwell/Kerry amendment to the budget, I refuse to lose heart. That vote was VERY close. There were brave Republicans who refused to rubber-stamp bad policy just because it emanated from their own ranks. (Oregon’s Senator Gordon Smith was among these.) There was quite a flurry of internet activity the last 48 hours before the vote, and I believe in my heart that it made a difference. I think the internet can be an important tool for those of us who feel disenfranchised by the last presidential election. We are out here, in LARGE numbers, and we can use the internet to make our voices heard. Let us keep the faith, keep blogging, emailing, and signing internet petitions. The powers that be ARE reading. They have no choice.


  1. I received a response from one of my Senators within 48 hours after signing the first petition.  Of course, it was to stress the importance of decreasing our reliance on foreign oil, but they are reading, and that means we cannot stop.  The Senate's down for now.  Congress to go.

  2. Happy St. Paddy Day and I need to get off me paddy and email my senator. Unfortunately....its that evil Mitch McConnel and "Oh, I forgot my Brain" Jim Bunning.

  3. Hi Lisa-
    Yes, i am also disappointed. I read a very long and detailed article in todays NY Times about the vote and the "drilling". Actually the NY Times dedicated several pages to this issue. If you would like, I can send it to you?

    Thanks for a great entry on what an "ass" our president is!


  4. The internet is a valuable tool for getting the word spread and making it SO easy to make your voice heard.  There's no excuse for not letting our representatives know where we stand.  Now...if they'd only represent us....

    (My guys belong in the hall of shame)

  5. I agree with you on this one, without a doubt.  The Draft-Dodger-in-Chief was rewarding a loyal minion (rather like Igor, don't you think?) with a well-paying position for which he had no more expertise in than did the DDiC for the job HE stole!  Congress reached a new low in refusing to increase the minimum wage, although the members enjoy an automatic annual raise, a sweetheart of a retirement package and deluxe medical care, all at our considerable expense.  The utter hypocracy of the "conservative" Republican majority makes the schemers and manipulators of power depicted in "Mr Smith..." seem downright amateurish and comical.  These guys have it down as an artform, although to my mind, it is more criminal than artistic.  DeLay and the other criminals in residence have Mr Lincoln spinning in his grave, no doubt.   Bruce  

  6. I thought I'd try and find some of the entries I missed. I love the Daily Show too! Jon Stewart says it like it is and isn't afraid to. And, it's so much better to laugh over the craziness of this world than to cry. :-) ---Robbie