Friday, September 16, 2005

The Coming Season

Nighttime is growing inexorably longer again, dark hands dragging down the dawn, minute by minute, and pushing the dusk ahead. At this time in my life, longer nights shouldn’t be a welcome thought; they are already tediously lengthened by restive, sleepless hours spent throwing the covers off, and then burrowing back into them twenty minutes later. Yet, autumn has always been a time of awakening for me, much like Spring is for most other people. Something about the angle of the sun, the first tinges of red and yellow appearing among summer-parched leaves, brings a flash of surprise (Yikes! Is summer over already?) and then an itchiness to DO something. Over the years, the turning of the calendar to the month of September has inspired me to plunge head-first into home remodeling, community college classes, major landscaping projects…I seem to accomplish way more during Autumn than I do any other time of year.

I used to think my late-year awakening was a conditioned response. After all, like most humans in this society, I spent thirteen of the first eighteen Septembers of my life embarking upon the life-altering adventure of a new school year. To this day, when the earth-tone plaids, turtlenecks and boots begin to take center-stage in the catalogs and department stores, I’m drawn to them like a lemming to a cliff…until I realize I’m not going anywhere that I will need those lovely trappings...

You would think in the thirty-three intervening years, the "back to school" instinct would have faded. Maybe it has. Maybe my autumn restlessness is due to an even more primal instinct. In the natural world, hibernating animals are at their busiest this time of year—spending every waking hour searching for and consuming anything and everything that will keep them going during the long, somnolent winter days. Perhaps I’m just feathering my nest…preparing my cave for the necessary dormancy of winter. Thankfully, I’m not experiencing the hyperphagia—the irresistible drive to eat anything I can get my paws on. Then again, chocolate, bread, potatoes, and large chunks of red meat are looking awfully good to me these days…as I resignedly inhale my salad and Diet Pepsi.

Whatever the reason, or for no good reason at all, I love Autumn. I welcome it with arms wide, and a hammer, broom, or shovel in my hands. By the time the winter rainssettle in, I’ll have tired myself out enough to be content to sit in front of the fire with a down blanket, a cat, and a book in my lap.


  1. Lisa,
    I am also an Autumn lover. My favorite and most awakening time of year as well. It's almost like a shedding of the skin and a new beginning with new enthusiasim for life; seeing things differently.
    You said it best with "...content to sit in front of the fire with a down blanket, a cat, and a book in my lap." Except mine would be with a Rottweiler at my feet...LOL

    Enjoy the day,

  2. Lisa,  your writing is so eloquent - I enjoy checking in with you regularly.  I share your "re-awakening spirit" in September.  It has long been my favorite time of year and I find myself more motivated and focused, reorganizing, renewing, reviewing...  I always assumed it was a continued schedule from my school days, but thanks to you I'm now pondering if perhaps I'm actually more attuned to nature than I had realized...  a lovely thought!  Thank you so much for giving me this new perspective.  :)

    Happy days,

  3. Lisa , this is so beautiful.  You know that Autumn is when I come to life as well.  I feel that this is a time of not only burrowing within the home, but homing in on our instincts and intuition.  Not to mention that harvest is the time of completion, of things resolving themselves and rewards being reaped.  Fall always feels like a new beginning to me, but I think it's time I come to appreciate it as a time of closure on the past and preparation.  You know that very few things get me going like planning a list for the future. ; )

  4. I love the autumn air, the smell of smoke and the sun's slightly different glow. Wonderful time of year. Though I hate to see summer leaving.

  5. Autumn will be so welcome here in Florida. That means no more hurricane fear. Love your background and the graphics...

  6. I'm sure I've shared with you previously that I, too, am an autumn lover.  Such a beautiful season, such gorgeous colors in the sky and on the earth.  Bring it on, I'm ready.  As usual, your succinct description has me half-way there already.

  7. fall is my favorite season here alogn the jersey shore...pumpkin picking, cooler days, quiet boardwalk and beaches....heaven.

    I love the colors you have pretty and easy on the eye too!

  8. I'm looking forward to autumn as well.  But these days, I've finally found the special beauty of every season.

  9. It's my favorite time of year too.  I really like this entry, and I like the colors and the animations!


  10. Yep, somebody flipped the switch. The dogwood has slowly been turning red and the tomatoes are getting ripe. Ond day lily is still putting out the odd bloom. Suddenly it's awfully dark in the evenings. And even darker in the mornings when it's time to get up. Great leaves. Always falling, never landing.


  11. I love this entry and I love your new fall colors!!!!

  12. Fall always makes me nostalgic, not really sure it equates to scurrying about. I kind of hunker down and want things that are cozy. :-) ---Robbie