Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Get The "H" (Heaven) Out Of My Life

My phone has rung twice in the last hour. The caller ID told me it was an "Unknown Caller" with a 571 area code. I ignored the call the first time. I figured if it was someone who really needed to get in touch with me, they’d leave a message. I checked the voicemail a half-hour later…no message.

A couple of minutes ago, the phone rang again. Same number. Okay, I thought. I’ll bite. Maybe it’s someone who really does need to speak to me and won’t leave a message. Like maybe one of my myriad bill payments got lost somewhere along the line and I have been sent to collections for something I thought I paid (it has happened…) So I answered it.

A sincere recorded voice started in on a long harangue about how my signature was desperately needed to get a measure placed on the Oregon ballot. The measure happened to be about requiring Oregon teens to get parental consent on abortions. Of course, I would never sign such a petition, anyway. But that is not what irked me about this phone call. I wasn’t even really pissed that these idiots can bother me even though my number is on the National Do Not Call List…though that is irritating.

No, what cheesed me about this call was the Area Code it came from. "571" is not an Oregon area code. It is not even a Pacific Northwest area code. In fact, when I went to my online US Area Code Table, I was able to discern that the call came from somewhere in Northern Virginia.

I am thoroughly sick of being subjected to the national agenda of the Christian Right. And I emphatically object to them sticking their noses, and their funds, into putting measures on the ballot in MY state; an entire country away from their bible-belt cubicles with the "Jesus Saves" posters on the wall. And apparently they don’t even believe they need to be sneaky about meddling in our business.

If you don’t live in Oregon, stay out of our affairs. If a majority of Oregonians decide to risk hellfire in order to maintain the availability of safe abortions, or to provide end-of-life choices for our suffering neighbors, it’s none of your damned business. Look in the mirror and take the plank out of your own eye.


  1. Well said my friend ~ I agree totally with what you have said ~ Ally

  2. Also keep your noses out of our taxes. The pro business tax measures are pretty much funded by an outfit from the same part of the country. Although I understand one of the biggies is from Texas. If you want to run Texas into the ground be my guest, but get the hell out of Oregon.

    My, my between this comment and my own post my curmudgeon genes seem to be in full flower today. :-)


  3. the pro-life movement should be referred to as the pro-fetus movement;  their concern for life ENDS in the delivery room.

  4. I don't answer those calls any longer, although like you, I sometimes think, well maybe it is a call a need to take.  Hasn't happened yet.  Argh.  

  5. Hear, hear, Lisa!!  And to the unwelcome caller--hear her, hear her!!  Your last line and bosoxblue's comment are right on.