Friday, July 7, 2006


Has the past week been jam-packed full of things pulling me in a million different directions?

Saturday was my first full day as proprietor of the Old Town Café in downtown Scappoose. It was also my husband’s 50th birthday. And so, after putting in a full day at my new (to me) café, I had to rush home and speed-clean the house for guests. Which meant running around the house and vacuuming up enough animal hair to knit a ninth pet; dealing with other more unmentionable "consequences" of shedding animals; making two extra bedrooms habitable by humans (one set of which neglected to apprise me of their intention to visit until approximately one day before said visit was to commence…aarrgh!) And then I had to shower, shave, and pick out an outfit appropriate for a fine dining establishment. All in the space of about an hour and a half. The guest of honor, meanwhile, spent the morning and half the afternoon selling food at the Farmers’ Market in Tillamook. He rumbled back into town about the same time I got home from work; for his exciting half-century milestone birthday present, he got an hour-long nap, while I ran around and did the white tornado thing.

Sunday morning, I went to work, and all my houseguests (my two sisters and their husbands) assembled at the café for a celebratory breakfast…a sort of "congratulations on the new venture" affair. I was able to join the festivities intermittently, between customers…

Monday was my oldest sister’s 25th wedding anniversary. And so this over-extended, hyped-out, sleep-deprived fledgling entrepreneur found herself shutting the doors at the café and loading herself into her car for an hour drive to a restaurant up the road on the way to Seaside, where sister and husband were celebrating said anniversary. And husband was setting up to sell food at the Fourth of July celebration in Seaside.

Between trying to apply myself to the new business venture, and pay adequate homage to Great Moments in Family History, I am just about toast.

Driving back from dinner Monday night, I got to watch storm clouds backing up over the Cascades in the east. They put on a spectacular show, which turned out to be my fireworks for the holiday… I tried to get back into town in time to get some pictures of the clouds above the boats at the marina; but by the time I got there, the colors had mostly faded, and the batteries in my camera were nearly depleted anyway. Below is the best shot I got. Call it "The Eastern Sunset Over Multnomah Channel…."


  1. Wow, that is beautiful. The colors are great.


  2. What a week-end. Beautiful picture.

  3. Oh Lisa...I am so happy for you in your new business venture!  I haven't been online much-read journaling-so I am trying to catch up.  Happy Belated Bday to 50 year old hubs! Hang in there you little tornado!  Love, Lisa

  4. lightyears2venusJuly 15, 2006 at 7:38 PM

    It seems like a few months ago I remember a melancholy entry about needing to be busier.  In retrospect,  "over-extended, hyped-out, sleep-deprived fledgling entrepreneur" may be challenging, but a better place to be!  Hoping you can strike a balance soon.  
    The sky is an awful hard subject--just won't stay still!  This is a grand photo and it's easy to imagine that crimson sunset a few minutes earlier.
    Take care of yourself.

  5. I think I have been running just about as hard as you have and I know how taxing it is.  I'm glad that your running is all tied up in "good stuff" and steps toward a dream come true.

    I know you're tired....but I'll bet it's that good, satisfying kind of tired.  Nothing wrong with that!

  6. Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!

  7. Damn I think I need a nap now girl!  You are a good wife!  I hope hubby had a fantastic birthday!