Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bye Bye, 'Berto

I spent most of the thirteen-hour meat of today within the 200 square foot confines of my restaurant kitchen. We were busy, for a Monday; I was the only scheduled cook. My trips out back to the dumpster and recycling bin were my only contact with the lovely day outside the four walls of my meal-producing dungeon.

However, on the way to work today, I did catch the beginning of a "Special Report" on NPR. Neal Conan’s familiar voice informed me that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales had tendered his resignation. And the first thought that came to my mind was, "WOO HOOOO!" Another of Bush’s dumb-ass cronies bites the dust. But directly on the heels of that thought came this: "Great. Now he gets to appoint another one. Probably someone even worse." It’s what he has done most consistently in the past seven years…

At this point, I’m afraid it no longer matters who is in and who is out of "Bush World." I couldn’t muster even a "woo-hoo" about last week’s announcement of Karl Rove’s departure. In Rove’s case, I’m sure the Grand Dragons of the Republican inner circle have merely elected to free him to ply his disgusting but effective political trade for the next in line for the throne. No use wasting his considerable talent on an administration trudging inexorably toward the political tar pit. Rove will likely turn up in the entourage of the eventual Republican front runner.

But what bothered me about this Gonzales thing was Bush’s by now predictable whining that his buddy was a good man who was forced to resign due to (assumedly unfair) political attacks.

I simply cannot deal with ANY Republican spouting off about "political attacks." The GOP wrote the book on running the country through ruthless assault upon any and all members of the opposing party. If the relentless pursuit and eventual impeachment of Bill Clinton wasn’t the be all and end all of vicious political attacks, I don’t know what the hell it was.

So, okay guys. You wrote this rule book. You created the divisiveness that is dragging our country down. You decided that this was how politics was played in the Big Leagues. So even if Gonzales was the victim of "political attack," how do you even dare to attempt to play that "poor, politically-picked-on us" card?

It’s the old, kindergarten "We can dish it out, but we can’t take it" story. It makes a lot of supposedly grown men look like a bunch of sniveling, whining, snot-nosed pre-schoolers.

And these are the guys who want to run the country. And they think this is how they will get their way.

It just makes me want to throw the heaviest object I can launch through the nearest plate glass window.


  1. Lisa -- let me get the biggest rock I can find.  I'm so tired of people (that's general I know) who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions.  What makes me snort is Bush and his 'it's not his fault'.  When did he become a bleeding heart liberal?  Grrrr

  2. I thought the same thing about Rove when I heard it.

    No heaving around your own plate glass windows - okay. :-)

  3. So well said!  In fact...the longer I've known you and read your views, and the longer Bush and his staff have been in office, the more I want to throw things through plate glass windows!!  And..that's saying a bunch!!  Love, Lisa

  4. Well said. Save the heavy objects to throw at Bush and his friends though. I'm not sure about Rove future. Apparently even the very conservative base wanted him out. He may have to sit out an election cycle. You know what kills me is that the guy didn't even finish college. And he is fairly well read, if the subject interests him. That's the thing about what used to be education. You had to read what you wouldnn't have chosen to read unless you had to. I"m not so sure about that now. I've read too many stories of kids running to mommy when they're assigned something they don't agree with, then mommy complains to the school administration and the teacher gets kicked in the ass.  Too strange.


  5. I've read that the late Lee Atwater who elevated the attack strategy to an art form for the GOP regretted it on his deathbed.  It's a shame no one listened.

  6. I've read that the timing of Gonzo's leaving is so there can be yet another recess appointment.  Congress should address this issue; the recess appointment option has been used and abused so much during this administration that it has defeated the intended Congressional oversight.