Friday, October 19, 2007

Ten. Good. Things.

How long has it been since I've inventoried...

Ten good things:

  1. "Oriental Spice" scented candles, which can be found at Pier One. And, for that matter…
  2. Pier One. Ahhhh…. Do you know, I have been shopping at Pier One for almost forty years? As trendy as they attempt to keep their image, it’s difficult to believe they’ve been around so long. Yet, they were there, the unassuming storefront just a tad south of downtown Glenview, in all its incense-scented, Indian beaded glory. A mid-century counter-culture treasure…almost a head-shop, in those days. Today, re-invented through urbanization, yuppification, generation-x-hileration; on into Queer Eye and generation "y" and beyond. They must have a helluva marketing team.
  3. Fall. Autumn. The Equinox and the dwindling days thereafter. I love this season. The time to pause, rest and reflect…though it all seems to be flying by at astonishing speed this year. Wasn’t August just a couple of weeks ago? I want to drag my feet, throw out my stiff arms and slow it all down, so I’ll have time to look, and breathe…
  4. My "children"—so neglected these days. Lucy, whose gratitude for a walk around the block or five minutes of ball-throwing is embarrassingly evident. And the feline children—soft and sweet and funny and bad; ready to climb in my lap and hold me down if I should actually sit and stay sat somewhere in the house for more than a three-minute stretch.
  5. My "ladies"—the crew at the café that keeps me from completely losing my sanity. They are a great group of girls; I’m not sure they really know how much I appreciate them.
  6. Pumpkin Ice Cream. Tillamook’s seasonal flavor. And, let me tell you….it’s GOOOOOOOOD. We’ve crafted a drink with it—called the "Punk-a-ccino…"
  7. The "Café Cat." It seems like every thing I’ve done, everywhere I’ve been that has been worthwhile, there has been a prominent feline cast member. At the café, it’s Mila, the neighborhood cat who drops by several times a day for her kibbles and turkey. She doesn’t weigh fifty pounds yet, but I don’t know why…
  8. Regular customers. God save me, this reclusive hermit has actually begun to recognize and acknowledge people who consistently grant us their patronage. Essential in any service business, but especially critical in a small town. Makes me think I may yet pull this thing off…
  9. Walking. Early this week, we were able to wangle a walk with the dog in the old PGE nuclear park . And today, I sneaked out of the café early and stole an hour to throw the leash over the dog’s head and get out into the neighborhood to see the sights before this year’s early rain and winds completely denuded the trees and pelted the colors to soggy brown. God, how I needed to just get out into the air and refresh my soul!
  10. My husband. My life partner. My undeserved gift from the Almighty. Sick, depleted and fighting off defeat at every turn, we celebrated our 31st Anniversary on Tuesday. Truly, god only knows what I’d be without him…


  1. Wow...31 years.  Congratulations Lisa.  I hope you have many more ahead.

    Great list!  We all need to notice the little things that are positive in life.

  2. Lisa,

    This is BEAUTIFUL, and just what I needed to read this morning.  I love Pier I too, and have shopped there almost as long as you have...I had to get from Minnesota to Chicago to discover my first Pier I, though.  Pottery Barn has some wonderful spice scented candles, too, that I loaded up on last year just before Christmas, when they were dumping them for a fraction of the cost...and they're in sconces on my walls right now!  

    This is my favorite time of year.  I love the sunny days and crisp nights.  

    Congratulations on 31 years!  That is really, really wonderful. And go the symphony!  Music is restorative, and the older I get, the more I feel that.


  3. Mila probably works it off on her circuit. I'm trying to remember the name of the store in Valley River that was similar to Pier I. Always smelled so good.

    The Punk a cino sounds deliscious, and a little dangerous. LOL


  4. Happy Anniversary, Lisa and Matt!

    Pier I -- oh yeah.  I can remember buying our very first set of dishes there, which means at least 33 years ago, maybe 35.  I do miss the hippie dresses and jewelry, but here I can get those at Passport to Peru, which has not yuppified.  I haven't been in Pier I for weeks; now I suddenly feel the need to get over there.

  5. Happy Anniversary!  How nice you've made it this far through all the muck, mire and joys!

    Funny, I love your Ten Good Things and I think often that I should 'do one', but then life catches up with me and I realize that there are far more than ten good things in my life on any one day.  Very fortunate I'd say.  

    Pier I -- oh my gosh! I still have a teeny, tiny gravy boat looking thingy I use for soy or aux jus (just how the heck do you spell that?), purchased back in 1960 something!

  6. Happy Anniversary!  :)

  7. Happy Anniversary!  This is a great list and your happiness in composing it comes though big time.  I've never been a Pier One shopper although I am familiar with it.  Your description of its wares in the early days sounds very much like what used to be available at Cost Plus.  When I first moved to San Francisco back in 1976 we used to go there all the time for fun, inexpensive, useful things.  The madras bedspreads were great for tons of uses.  And of course I couldn't live without the beaded curtain....Happy Autumn, Lisa.

  8. Happy Anniversary!
    I too have many treasures from Pier 1.  Some I have had for years.  I used to "redecorate" inexpensively with a few items from Pier 1.  Many of their stores near me have closed recently, guess I did not buy enough?

  9. Happy Anniversary. Glad to see the 10 list revived one more time. Pumpkin ice cream? oh no, I love that stuff.

  10. Hi:  Not intentionally meaning to, but very glad it happened, I stumbled upon your journal.  Your writing has grasped my attention in such a way that I just had to comment.  This is my very first comment to any journaler (is that even a word?), but I felt it both necessary and appropriate to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your journal thus far and hope to continue to do so for a long time to come.  You certainly have a unique and clever way of expressing yourself with your words, and I'm glad I found your journal.   Thanks for creating a journal that this very average and ordinary person could not only relate to in many ways, but almost felt as though I was experiencing exactly what you have written, while reading.  A rare find in a journal, for sure.   Congrats on a well written and interesting journal.    Best of Luck