Monday, November 19, 2007

My Name is Lisa, and I'm a Yule-a-holic

My low expectations for the coming season notwithstanding, the irresistible compulsions are already beginning...

I took the past weekend off for plans that didn’t come to pass. I knew the plans were history by early in the week. I spent a lot of time fantasizing about what I could do with two entire days off in a row.

Go to the beach?

Go shopping?

Take the dog and my camera for a lovely late autumn walk somewhere?

Ummm…not. Weather turned out cold, dark, ugly and wet. Good for sitting at home, curled up in front of the fire with a good book.

Or putting up a Christmas tree…



  1. What a gorgeous tree!  And I love how tall it is!  Ah, a woman after my own heart...I LOVE Christmas, and Christmas trees!



  2. The tree is absolutely beautiful.  I hope it's sparkle brightens your spirit.


  3. A light filled Lisa special. Gorgeous. And perfect for cats to sleep under. LOL


  4. It's lovely!  Will you come and decorate mine after we trudge through glen and dale, forest and farm to find just the perfect oh-way-too-big-for-the-living-room tree?  Please?

    I want mine to look like your tree.  

    Happy Yule-aholic days to you!  I'm almost there, but must get through Thanksgiving first.

  5. It's lovely, Lisa ~

  6. Oh, it's great!  I love the holiday season but am so slow @ getting around to the decorating.  I am making myself wait until December 1st, but with work, etc., I will take several days - and not consecutive - for me to actually get everything out.  The tree is last...  sometimes I only get the tree up w/lights on it, never get out all the ornaments I just love & have to have...  isn't that silly?  To like something so much but not bother with it when the time comes?  And I so relate to having some extra time & lots of ideas of how to spend it, but then ending up doing something constructive instead of adventurous/out of the norm.  I am hoping to have a free day @ the end of the week and hopefully you've inspired me to get an early start on the decorating...  we'll see...

  7. xxooxxoo

    Did you get my invite??????

    I know you probably won't come but one can hope and pray.

  8. ROFLMAO...just another thing I won't get done until the last minute.

    I love people like you, you get it done first and make me feel guilty until I get it done.

    Thats probably the only reason it ever gets done....