Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Vanity, Thy Name is...Uh, What's Thy Name Again?

Even had it not been for the sad events of the past couple of weeks, this holiday season was destined to be different from the last several.

I just couldn’t consider tearing every room in my house apart and reconstructing the "Christmas Zone" I’ve enjoyed over the last few years. And not really because I don’t have any time to DO the decorating (though I truly don’t...) More because the thought of UNDOING the decorating come mid-January left me absolutely cold.


No five trees in the house; we’ve cut the population to two. And neither of these is in my bedroom. The bedroom will remain holiday neutral this season. No tree, no snow-kitties on the mantel, no candles in the fireplace, no glitter stuck to my face when I wake up.

Nor will the family room get bedecked this year. Hardly seems worth it, since we spend about two hours a week relaxing there anymore.

The living room will harbor one barely over-decorated tree. Easy up, easy down…

Worst of all, one of my favorite holiday indulgences has finally been made redundant by the hands-on nature of living the dream…



  1. :::sigh:::  I'm light on the holiday decorations this year too.  One tree.  Good sized, hand chosen and picked at the tree farm just two houses and a left hand turn away.  It's lovely.  And enough.  In a good way.  The kitchen and dining area have mementos of Christmas ... a Santa here a snowman there.  No one is complaining so it's all good.

    Get your nails done anyway.   You deserve it.   Even if or though.  

  2. It's to bad you can't get your nails done. They look so pretty all done up. Darn the health department and all their regulations!!
    I hope inspite of being so crazy busy you take time to enjoy the spirit of the season.


  3. Funny...glad you are doing okay.

  4. Is it the health department or are you just worried that the polish will end up in the scrambled eggs? We don't have as many decorations up this year either. Just too many kitties who want to eat, climb or lay on the decorations. LOL


  5. Ohhhh, I hope you get your nails done.  That is something I enjoy so much...

  6. Your nails are beautiful done up like that....have you considered press-ons? ....I know they aren't perfect but they can be on and off in a sec and they do look fairly nice.  Your own nails are nice too...who says you have to paint them to be pretty?

    Your house is more decorated than mine!

    You're ambition astounds me!

  7. Maybe the nails is not the thing for this year, but I hope you do something very special and indulgent for yourself.

    Happy Holidays!