Thursday, January 17, 2008

This Month's Blogging Rant...

I’m feeling a little peevish about blogging today.

I know blogging was (is) a technological fad… Subject to the short life-span of the genre. Even I had to curb my involvement for several months while my physical life (I don’t like to refer to it as my "real" internet life may be ethereal, but it is still real) demanded more of my body and soul. But I never stopped writing, and I never stopped clinging to the community of which I was a part, even as it dwindled. I always assumed that when I regained enough of my wits to go back to writing about the things about which I was most passionate—instead of just shooting off messages of frustration and venting about my "new" life—the community would be there, just as it was at the beginning. And it’s not.

In the beginning, when there were only a few of us, part of the beauty of blogging was that you got to read and "know" people from vastly different realms of experience; from stay-at-home moms in West Virginia to brain surgeons in Boston. It was fascinating to see life through eyes so different from one’s own. Now, the blogosphere has become so huge that it has had to specialize. It’s not just blogging anymore, it’s blogging about… The days of a big pool where everybody swam are over. Now, you have to find the little pool where the people who are most like you swim.

If anyone has a line on where the Politically Disaffected Agnostic Baby-boomer Christmas Freak Nature Loving Small Restaurant Owner pool is located, could you point me in the right direction?



  1. I'm not sure what the problem is.  It doesn't sound like you WANT the little pool where people like you swim.  It's a bigger pool now, but you can still get to read and "know" people from all walks of life.  In fact, with more people in the pool, you have an even wider choice.  I've been reading the blogs of ordinary Iraqi citizens, a new ER doctor in Syracuse, a bellydancing Rennaissance dressmaker, a woman coping with MS, ... it's all there, all about their daily lives, some very interesting people.  Heck, I even read the blog of a Politically Disaffected Agnostic Baby-boomer Christmas Freak Nature Loving Small Restaurant Owner!

    It IS harder to get a dialog going, if that's what you need.  There's a lot of noise.  But just like at a large party, if you want conversation, you look for people who aren't in the middle of the noise (who look interesting and have FEW comments on their blogs) and strike up an acquaintanceship (SP?) with them, and expand from there.  Check out who they link to.

    Come on in - the water's fine.


  2. I think it's over by the Politically disaffected, Wiccan maybe, Baby-boomer, Christmas, Nature, Cat loving, Clerk Typist pool. Maybe we can share patio furniture and drinks with little umbrellas. LOL


  3. C'mon over to my house would always be welcome!  BTW...I am still going to blog....minimum at least once a week...maximum several times a day.  The only times I ever deserted were when I was completely heartbroken.... happiness I want to share!

    I know I would miss you if you were gone!

  4. There are still a few of us in the "been here since the early days" pool.  If you find another, I hope you'll still come dip your toe into this one.

  5. I'm still in the early blogger pool and I used to be in the stay at home Mom pool and now I'm just sort of visiting the people I LIKE regardless of the subject matter.  For me it's about YOU.  Well, maybe if you wrote about the life span of worms I might not visit.

    And just so you know ... your last two posts on DIGNITY were so very special -- that I have saved them to read over and digest and THEN comment.  Because whe you post something that special, it and you deserve my TIME.

    But I feel your frustration in a huge way ... where are all the readers gone?  And the friends?  Where are they?

  6. No WAY I'm pointing you in that direction!  Selfishly, I want you right here, in my pond, where I can get my fix of you and my other favorite writers...



  7. you and I are alike and yet, not at all...

    and we are still friends, yes?