Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Gas Prices Rise to New National Record

Watch for prices of just about everything to reach a bone-shattering crescendo as the Bush Administration grabs for every dollar it can for its Big Energy puppet masters, before it goes down into the tarpits at the end of this year...

Can they accomplish this without laying complete waste to the nation's economy?  Probably not.

Do they care what happens to the nation's economy?  Obviously not. 

Their solution:  Go borrow a bunch of money from China, throw a few bucks at the general population as you bow out, stuffing your pockets all the way, and let the next administration worry about cleaning up the mess.


Not really...


  1. Loyalty is to the corporation, rather than the nation. As long as the corps continue to make money, the country can go hang for all they care.


  2. Between trashing the economy and his endorsement of terrorist tactics on prisoners and trampling of human rights/civil rights in general, I believe he will eventually be viewed as one of the worst presidents in history, who has done more to harm this country than will ever be able to be completely undone.  And the idiot won't be around to see his legacy, nor is he bright enough to understand it if he were...

  3. You and I both called this one the first time he pulled it.  Just be grateful this is the last time he can do it.

    The king is dead.

  4. Nope.  Not surprised.  Adn not spending the money either.  Someone will only ask for it back next year.  :::sigh:::