Thursday, October 23, 2008

Up and Running

It’s after midnight and I have to open the restaurant in the morning. So what am I doing sitting here with my computer in my lap?

If you could see me, you would notice that there is a delicate white cord attaching me to a cobalt blue matchbook-sized package perched on the arm of my recliner.

And Jim Brickman, George Winston et al are tinkling their ivories directly into my ears…

Victory is mine, you itty-bitty electronic demon! :-P


  1. Good for you. I haven't podded yet. LOL

  2. Glad to hear you conquered this "demon". I would never have attempted even trying; would've passed it over to my son and asked, "please help".

  3. YES!!! Isn't it wonderful! I sat waiting at the Drs office for Tam today enjoying such a variety of music! Amazing technology! Dang it...I am kinda sad you didn't need Abbie for a week or so to help you set that thing up! ;)
    Love, Lisa

  4. Yay! Rock on!....ok piano music on! (but that just doesn't sound right when I'm commenting about a ipod)