Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving...We Had One

We had no plan... The turkey that was "supposed" to take five hours to cook was done in three (It was little more than a big chicken...don't know how the husband figured five hours for it...)

I forgot my good dinnerware, serving bowls and platters. So we had to make do with what we had at the restaurant.

And we did...

Cafe tgiving

Last year wasn't much of a holiday for us. We didn't actually have Thanksgiving, and Christmas was small and sad. This year, with distance from the loss, we were ready to give it all we had. Which wasn't all that much...

But it was enough.

cropped edited sis pic


  1. What an awesome photo Lisa! I am glad that this year was better than last! I am so sorry for your loss! Blessings! Lisa

  2. I'm glad it was nice, Lisa. Beautiful photo.

  3. Talk about million watt smiles. Glad you had a wonderful day. So did we.

  4. You know, for the past couple of years it seems the turkey has taken far less time to cook than it used to, perhaps because the recommended internal temperature has been lowered from 180 degrees to 165. I cooked a 23 lb bird that was fully cooked in 3 1/2 hours; I even wound up having to reduce the heat to 300 so it wouldn't be done too soon.

    How fortunate you are to be able to surround yourself with family ~ it looks like a wonderful celebration!

  5. Great photos Lisa! I love the one of you and the girls. :) Hey, it doesn't have to be big or fancy to be thankful. The trappings are just that ... trappings. While it's nice to have them, sometimes it's just as nice not to.