Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Stats Don't Lie

Here at blogger, we all have been given a little “stats” view upon which we can click from our dashboards. We can use it to check hits (by the hour) on our blogs, where the hits are coming from, what “google” searches are bringing us readers, that kind of thing. I admit, I’ve become mildly addicted to the “stats” page, just as I was to my hit counter at the old AOL J-land. These days, almost no one comments…seems like it just isn’t done anymore. So the only way to know if people are still interested is to check with the stats. (I should follow this with a declaration that I really don’t care if anyone reads…I write for myself—and blah, blah, blah. But y’all know that’s kind of a crock, so why waste the “ink?”)

The past few days, my stats page has been telling me a story, one I should have known without being told. Many of my recent posts have been, basically, vents—rants, whines, bitchfests, call them what you will. And my stats have been in the toilet. Then I cough up a post with a picture AND a cat, and suddenly I have readers again!

I get it. Everybody is tired of hearing me whine about my life. Even I am tired of whining about my life. I’ll admit, when I am feeling particularly lost, writing about my hurt and frustration helps me…what? Purge the demons? But, today at least, I’m feeling like it’s probably time to quit beating that dead horse for awhile.

I’m not quite up to mounting my political soapbox, yet (to the immense relief of most of my readers…) So it’s time to concentrate on something else.

Okay. Clean slate. Here I go.


Give me a minute to change gears, would ya? I’ll get back to you!


  1. I've been reading your online journals for years. You are a good writer and I've enjoyed the various phases and changes you've gone through over the years. As I recall your earlier journals were much more political, followed by your complete immersion in the running of the cafe. I'm very interested in seeing where you go from here and will continue to read.
    I have no issues with any posts you feel may be whining or ranting. I very much relate to them. I'm curious as to if/how you and your husband will work through your difficulties (facing similar issues myself at the same age).

  2. Kitties and puppies will get them everytime. Our neighbors to the south had to move due to his Alzheimers, she was able to take two cats with them, but they couldn't catch the orange puffball. So we've been feeding her, she assumed she'd been spayed since she's never shown up with any little puffballs. She's finally figured out where the people with the food live. And we've finally gotten her to eat a little here. With luck she'll finally figure out that we have a much more interesting yard.

    But, if you don't tell us how you're doing we can't send good thoughts your way, light candles, offer electronic shoulders and all those other little things that make life a little more bearable. And sometimes you just need to yell. We're listening, hugs.

  3. For what its worth, I think its more important to write your truths than to write for others.


  4. I really enjoy your photography, but write, write and write more about what's going on in your head. I love that, and one day, I may heed my own advice.

  5. It takes longer some times to get around to reading, but some of us have been here. We may be quiet, there may be a word here or there, but we've been here. You needed time and space to work through that tired frustration, and to find the path to your spiritual self - and there's still room for growth - always! I've been waiting and hoping (along with you, I think) for that birthday present. Hope it wasn't a 'one time' show, but a genuine realization. So, speak your thoughts and your heart - we're here. Hope the New Year will bring peace and joy!