Thursday, August 4, 2011

Squash Watch--Week 2

I'm almost ashamed to post this picture...

I'm afraid my procrastination has not done my poor little squashes any favors. They've been in the ground two weeks now. And the best I can say for them is that they haven't died.

In my defense (and to their extreme detriment, I fear) I was out of town most of last week. I trusted their care to the Intrepid Husband. He did keep them alive. Barely.

You may see in this picture that they have now acquired drip irrigation tubing around their little feet. Husband applied this for me last maybe that will make up for his lack of solicitousness last week. Unfortunately, I had to mess around with the tubing after he ran it, and in doing so, I knocked the one flower off of plant No. 2. *#@&!!!!
However if you look closely at plant No. 3, you will see another flower that should open in a day or two. I have high hopes for it...I promise, I will not touch it!

The squashes and I appreciate your positive energy. That must be what is sustaining them, because I'm sure doing a piss poor job of it. Keep it up!

Squashes Week 2


  1. Oh I think they will be fine! It tookmour garden a long time to get going, but now it is coming onto it's abundance!

  2. For us it was the basil. Lovely plants. They bolted immediately and just went thbbbp. It's been a really weird year. The bees have been busy in the mint and purple oregano, I'd love a sample of their honey.