Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I’m back.

And the only thing I can feel, that I will allow myself to feel, is that I was not ready to come back.

I still had three pairs of clean underwear left.

Lots of lightning flashes of thought shooting around in my brain. None of them that will not, when put to paper, look whiney, sad or regretful. I think I’ll just put all that on the back burner for a little while more. How much easier to do that if I were not…here.

I guess I’ll just go and unpack my wood-smoked laundry.

And plan my next escape



  1. Welcome home and fantastic shot.

  2. Beautiful photo. Maybe you should hand on to at least one wood-smoked t-shirt.

  3. Beautiful photo.....sorry for all the back story....

  4. Robin--I have at least one or two that I didn't actually wear but still smell like smoke... ;)

  5. ...and about the photo--this was evidently this bird's shift: "I'll be your photo-op wildlife for this evening..."

    He was sitting on the rock wall when we drove up, we were no more than three feet from him, and he obligingly sat there for the entire time we were at the viewpoint. I actually got about twenty pictures of him. Hilarious!

  6. Whether the bird was posing or not, the composition, the hazy sunset, the silhouette...all stunning. You've said so much without saying much at all. Hugs to you my friend.