Saturday, October 22, 2011

Back from the Sacred Places

Back once again, from days with the waves and the birds, and the wind and the wonders.

And the trees.

This time, I was shown a truly sacred place.

A forest. Where the trees are ancient and alive and wise.

Portraits, sculptures of Time.

And of spirits.

This one... This one--

she-is-me me.

Growing tall out of tangled chaos.

One with the silvered shadow of her losses and heartaches. Those things that are forever part of her. Rising with her, not pulling her down. Not keeping her from living.


  1. Missed you. That big, beautiful, old tree is totally, totally fantastic. Not another one on earth that looks like it.

  2. To be as wise as this tree. How much adversity has it seen and conquered.

  3. Did you talk to the trees?
    Did they talk to you?

  4. I was going to say, "No," Virginia; but then when I thought about it... Did we carry on a conversation as we humans define that? No. But I spoke to them. They communicated much to me. So I have to say "Yes."