Thursday, January 12, 2012

Perhaps My Brain Still Works...

I've finally written something of which I feel I can be proud. Please go read, and let me know what you think...

Health Care Wins Another One


  1. You are right on many levels, the dysfunction that we call our medical care system, and the low level of news reporting, which I see time and time again.
    There was a high school friend of one of my siblings who passed away only two days after after a sledding accident and trip to the doctor produced a malignant diagonsis (unrelated to the accident). Who's to say if these parents in the article had gone to a doctor with their son the outcome would have been different. I lost a firend who was constantly at the doctor with problems swallowing and keeping food down. For six months all they did was give her antiacid. She had esophageal cancer. At her last appointment at the doctors she was pounding her fist on the counter telling them she was going to be dead before her next appointment they wanted her to make. She was right.

  2. I can relate. Dad had a list of medical problems, partly related to being a stove up logger. He had mild IBS. When the colon problems got worse his doctor basically wrote it off as the IBS getting worse. Thank heaven the SOB retired and handed dad off to a younger colleague. The getting to know you physical revealed that dad had colon cancer. If that doctor hadn't retired we probably would have lost him ten years sooner. And yes dad was a hard guy to get info out of. Medicine is an art, not a business.

    I was going to say that for the old Greeks going to the doctor was a religious rite. I guess it still is, in a strange twisted way.