Saturday, July 14, 2012

On "Being" Who I Am

A few days ago, I decided it might be a good idea to read one of my shamanic "reference books" cover to cover, instead of using it like an encyclopedia and only referring to it when I have a question or need a definition.  The book is Animal Speak by Ted AndrewsAs I read, I am somewhat annoyed by grammatical errors and some theories that I find simplistic or far-fetched.  But I've decided to subscribe to the belief that not everyone is a gifted analytical thinker/writer (and not everyone has a great editor, apparently) and pick between the flaws to find the nuggets of wisdom.  And there are many.
Today, I found this one:

"Once you 'be' who you are (reflected in part by your totem [the animal spirits who speak to you and/or guide you]), then you must do what is necessary to be you.  As long as you persist, you will succeed in manifesting what you need or desire.  A hawk is a hawk.  It behaves like a hawk and not like a duck.  Because of what it is, it is able to recognize opportunities essential for, and unique to, its life.  If it fails to catch its prey, it does not worry about being unable to eat.  It persists.  It does not change.  It works to become a more effective predator, for that is where its success lies."

It occurred to me that I have suckered myself into believeing that I need to change myself to have success in life.  Like, obviously the person I AM is not able to if I become something else, the results will be different.

Well, a hawk is a hawk.  And though the hawk is not my totem, I AM my Self.   

It is not my Self which needs to change.  I may need to alter my methods (maybe hunt in a different field) or my goals (perhaps go after a mouse instead of a jackrabbit), but if I remain true to myself, I should get what I need.

Something to think about; and, I think, a valuable lesson indeed.      

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