Thursday, January 24, 2013

Let the Voting Begin

I’m sorry, folks.  I didn’t get much response for my little contest.  I guess there are not too many other people (besides you and me, Mary Ellen) who got such a kick out of coming up with new words to fit the acronym.  Honestly, I chewed on it for hours.  Better than a crossword puzzle!

Anyway, for those of you who DID play, here are the entries.  Please vote for your favorite, and the author of the winning moniker gets a prize (which I still have not determined, but there WILL be a prize!)

Nim Rod A$$holes

Nasty Reticulan Aliens

Nefarious Reactionary Assassins.
No Reasonable Approach.
Nasty Redneck Assholes.

Nefarious raving aggressors

Not Really Accountable

Non Realist Association

And, my personal creative endeavor:  (feel free to vote for it if you like it!):

Nutjobs Recruiting Assassins

We’ll tally the votes and announce the winner one week from now in this space.


  1. I vote for "no reasonable approach". I think a lot of these gun-totin' folks are not too different from so many people in the mid-east we've been battling for sooooo long. They have a completely different mind set from how we think that is impossible to comprehend what is going on in their heads. It's tough going when one is up against that!

  2. Not really accountable.

    They're more than happy to turn a blind eye to anything that doesn't meet with their agenda.

    Sorry I missed the contest but these would be hard to compete with.

  3. Nutjobs recruiting assassins. The letters to the local papers have shown that sanity is sadly lacking with a lot of these folks.

  4. No reasonable approach.

    no reasons necessary for this choice