Thursday, January 28, 2016

Day Off?

Every morning, when I’m home, I do a short morning devotion before heading inside to start my day.  I turn to each of the four directions and speak to the Spirit through the Guides I have encountered in each of those directions.  To the east is Heron, to the south are Owl and Hawk, to the west are Gull and Pelican, to the north are Hummingbird and Goose. 

Through Heron I ask for balance, through Owl and Hawk, I ask for sight.

Gull and Pelican oversee freedom and unburdenment.

Through Goose and Hummingbird, I petition for peace and joy.

This morning, as I turned to the north and made my petition, a small voice said clearly in my head:

“Peace and joy today?  Then you need to stay away from the internet.”


 I’m afraid the Spirit has a point…


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