Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Chooie Has Walked On

I belatedly realized that though I had posted about this on Facebook, I had not posted news of Miss Chooie's death onto this space, which is supposed to function at least loosely as a historical record of notable events in my life.  So I'm adding this post somewhat after the fact, and dating it to be reflective of the actual date she left us. 

Said goodbye to Miss Choo today. Seventeen years ago, she joined our family. Today, she went to snuggle beside her favorite being in the whole world--Spritie, who left us in 2007. As each of them walks on, they take with them an irretrievable piece of our past, and our hearts. We will miss you, Miss Ma'am. Give the Hairy Butt a good face wash for us.

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