Monday, October 10, 2016

Fifty Shades of Outrage

How offended should American women be by those "fifty shades of grey" memes circulating Facebook?

I never read the book, but I have consumed my share of "bodice ripper" novels in my time. It is unthinkable to compare Cheeto's offensive attitude toward women as sexual objects with any woman's appreciation of consensual sex--kinky or not.

We are being told plainly here that it is not for US to choose what we do and don't like, what we will and won't tolerate, if we dare to suggest publicly that we are sexual beings. If we want to like sex, we have to swallow the whole enchilada--which includes accepting unwanted attacks by men whom our society STILL allows to express their physical and societal dominance through sexual harassment and abuse...because "boys will be boys," and they STILL believe they own us.

Which begs one to wonder what the hell is WRONG with any woman who is still in the Cheeto camp after viewing that disgusting video of a grown man spouting off like a 13-year-old in a high-school locker room...


  1. How about teaching boys and young men to keep their pants zipped, their hands to themselves and that when a woman says no or no thank you to a request for anything beyond good morning or hello THAT'S IT, GAME OVER, GO ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS. That also goes for why aren't you smiling and all the other not so passive/aggressive intended to objectify and humiliate.

    I'm beginning to believe that women should attend their local craft fairs and invest in a good stout walking stick.

    1. Or order a nice can of pepper spray from Amazon...