Thursday, November 13, 2003


Ever have one of those times when absolutely NOTHING would go right?  I had to go down to Eugene to do an "event" for my catering business...  It was actually a favor for my sister.  In the last four days I have:

1.)Driven ninety miles looking for a coffee supplier that's only 16 miles from my house.

2.)Paid $26 for two lbs. of coffee beans because said supplier was closed when I finally found it, and I had to buy the coffee retail. 

3.)Driven 150 miles to cater an event where only five people showed up.

4.)Developed tendonitis in my left ankle from driving my husband's (five-speed) car to and from said event (Ow!)

5.)BROKE my espresso machine.

6.)Found out that espresso machine can only be fixed with a part that comes from Italy.

7.)Wasted 6 1/2 hours sitting at an event where only five people showed up.  The organizers went away and left ME to deal with their clients!?!

8.)Got a tankful of gas that was EASILY 15 cents per gallon more expensive than ANYWHERE else in town (didn't look at the sign before I said "Fill 'er up!")

9.)HAVE NOT yet been, and probably won't be, paid for catering event.

This past week has been a lesson in how NOT to be a successful entrepreneur!  Moral of story:  Doing favors for family members is probably NOT sound business practice.   

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