Thursday, December 25, 2003

Drag out the Memories

What do I remember about Christmases WAY past?

The smell of those big tree lights--before anyone ever heard of "Italian" lights (which is what the mini-lights were called when they first burst on the scene)--inexorably dehydrating the Christmas tree. Does anyone else think of that? Remeber those C7 lights with the red and black twisted wire cords? The ones that, if you looked at them now, you would recognize as a house fire waiting to happen? I remember, by about December 26th, we were cautioned not to "turn on the tree" unless it was absolutely necessary (?!) But that smell, if I ever smell it again, will ALYWAYS take me back to the sixties.

I remember chocolate marshmallow Santas. The ones we weren't allowed to eat until we got home from church, because you had to fast three hours before taking Communion. Later, they changed the rule to ONE hour, and we carefully counted the minutes until the EXACT time we figured they'd be serving Communion at Mass...and pigged out pre-church.

I remember mountains of presents. We weren't poor growing up, but we weren't rich. We never had a brand-name toy in our lives. But the booty my parents bought for the five of us, for $15 per kid, filled the entire living room from the tree in the corner to the dining room door. Those Depression children really knew how to stretch a buck!

I remember decorating the house...we got a jillion Christmas cards each year. We taped them around all the doorways, taped them to the wall to form a tree-shaped collage, and still had a stack left over.

I remeber big family dinners, and sitting at the "kids table" until I was about 18...I was the youngest and didn't get to sit with the big people until we lost older ones to marriage and moves out of state.

All so long seems more like a movie than MY past. But nice to remember.


  1. Merry Christmas. Your entries are so heartfelt and touching. Thank you for a trip down your memory lane!

  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories. As long as you have these memories they still live in your heart.

    John G.

  3. I really like your journal. What a surprise.....I'm another baby boomer!
    And, I'm older than you and can remember fasting before communion from midnight. : )

  4. This made me think of the old home movies. My dad always took out the camera and had those big lights set up to capture us just as we ran in. Hard to believe we were once those little children. I know we'd run in and squeal and tear into that pile of gifts. It was chaos. Nothing like it!