Wednesday, December 10, 2003


I have the world's WORST job history.  There's something about me that just DOESN'T shine, working for other people. Because I'm a perfectionist?  A control freak?  Dunno...I start out every new job trying so hard to be perfect that I turn into a total harpy.  Then, if I should be so lucky as to not be fired for being a bitch, I become CERTAIN I could do a better job running the company than the owners.  Or the owners' kids---which is REALLY the kiss of death.  I've had exactly two jobs in my life where I was actually successful, challenged, appreciated, and LIKED by the people I worked for and with.  Not a very good record for someone who's been in the workplace for 30 years. 

I've filled pages and pages of journals with my job woes.  After awhile, I began to recognize a pattern (DUH!)  Of course, I began seeing this when I was 28 years old.  It took me almost twenty years (and the passing of my father-in-law [$]) to finally decide to break the pattern.

Two years ago, we plunged into the festival concession business.  Bought Big Red (our huge, mostly unroadworthy trailer) and a bunch of used restaurant equipment, and spang! started that "own business" I'd been wanting (needing) for years. 

Then the question became, what to do with the off-season?  Six months of the year, the trailer is up on blocks.  And I need soemthing to do.  But I DON'T need to work, thank God.  So I've been kicking around the idea of volunteering for a long time.  A couple of weeks ago I just fell into the right opportunity.  Started my first day today.  How can I describe the freedom of NOT being paid to work?  Completely pressure-free.  I apologize for arriving ten minutes late.  "Oh, we don't worry about that around here..."  I get all kinds of strokes about how "on the ball" I am.  Better than money, at this stage of my life.  The jar of Hershey kisses on the desk is really the only compensation I need!        


  1. You are full of surprises! Volunteering! How wonderful! Where?

  2. Sounds like it might be a great thing for you. I've often thought of volunteering, but soon enough I'll be going back to regular ol' work. ::sigh:: So, volunteer thoughts will have to come 2nd.

    Good luck with the new position. :-)

  3. You have a nice journal!

  4. Mary--wish I could say I was serving up soup to the homeless or something equally altruistic. But in fact I'm donating my time to the county fairgrounds. Small county with basically one woman in charge of the fair, with too much to do and no budget for help in the offseason. So I offered my time. Lisa:-]

  5. You are right. I volunteer for my child's school. I'm not with the children - but doing behind the scenes stuff. Everyone is so appreciative just to have a warm body that works hard and is dependable. You can work around your home and get squat - it's great to have the luxury of being able to volunteer. - Kat