Thursday, February 19, 2004

Flowers and Mountains and Dogs (Oh my!)

Well, that picture is pretty huge, isn't it?

Remember about a month ago when I was complaining about the horrid ice, snow and cold we were having?  I went outside and took a picture of the  brave little Japanese Iris shoots coming up in my fountain garden, despite (or in defiance of) the hideous weather.  They are blooming now, along with some little purple crocuses I have planted.  And there are buds on all the daffodils...they'll be bright and cheery in a couple more weeks.

Just got back from taking Lucy for a walk up the hill behind the house.  We went up a road we've never taken before.  Would have been a beautiful view of Mt. Hood, but for the clouds in the east.  Only a small bright spike of it was glowing above the clouds in the evening sun.  When the slanting light shines on the mountains, they look like they are lit from within.  It never fails to take my breath away.

One thing I DO find irritating around here when I go walking...  People out in the country often feel it unnecessary to control their dogs.  Other dogs hear the jingle of Lucy's tags from a mile away, it seems, and they know exactly what it is.  We'll be striding along, minding our own business, and some fierce, slobbering wolf-like creature is suddenly tearing down a driveway toward us.  And my dog...she hides behind me. It's my job to scream like a banshee to try to scare the damn things away...or get eaten, I guess.  I've seriously considered carrying peppper spray when we walk...but I'd probably end up macing my own dog. 

But that only put a little damper on the enjoyment of the walk.  I feel a little better now than I did yesterday.


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better. Beautiful flowers and a little exercise can really do the trick!!

  2. Lisa! I am soooo glad you shared this picture with us. I have found myself thinking about those little buds more than once. Please share the daffodils too, they are my favorite.

  3. ps: I think our dogs are related....

  4. Seeing your picture makes me long for spring here...we are so far behind.

  5. thanks for sharing the photo. I LOVE the irises - I can't wait until mine are up. Of course, they're still buried under a pile of ice and snow......

  6. Glad you're feeling better. :-)

    And as for your dog. Ummm.... hopefully not a watchdog, lol.

  7. Hello, I always enjoy visiting your Journal and see what you have written. Theres always something of interest to read. Thank you for sharing with me and your other readers and I will return often.

    John G.