Thursday, February 12, 2004

See You Monday

Well, we're off to a "romantic" weekend...camping with my sister and her husband.  (How the view of romance changes as you reach middle age!)

Actually, we plan to have a grand time. We're going to do a winery tour on Saturday (husband will be designated driver...he doesn't drink.)  Then out to a nice dinner at a restaurant promising romantic piano music for the evening.    Throwing the WW points counter out the window for the weekend!  Also leaving the laptop at home (sigh) man deserves my full attention for a couple of days!

Happy Valentine's Day to all, and thanks for reading!


  1. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

  2. Happy V Day to you!! Hope your weekend away is perfect. It sounds like it will be. :-)

    Oh, and when you come back... What happened to the title of your journal? I'm just curious, because I've noticed several removing theirs. I wondered if there was some reason I didn't know about. Well, just nosy, I guess! :-)

  3. my view of romance may have changed over the years, but my opinion of camping hasn't-- the closest I will come to roughing it is an old Holiday Inn. Hope your weekend was cozy! Kristi

  4. Hope your weekend is absolutely wonderful. I've always wanted to do a winery tour.

  5. Hope you have a great time..."see" you when you get home!

  6. I LOVE winery tours and romantic restaurants with piano players tinkling the ivories....camping, not so much. Can I stay at the inn and hook up with you guys later? No?....

    Well, have a great time anyway!.... ;)