Thursday, April 1, 2004

But...What Does it Mean???

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Okay, here’s the thing: dead ladybugs. My bedroom carpet is dotted with them. What is up with this?

We’ve been through three winters in this house. I’ve become aware of a peculiar phenomenon in my bedroom. I get ladybugs. In the winter. I’m not sure where they’re coming from. Actually, I think they’re coming in from outside down the chimney in the fireplace. This must be the downside of having a fireplace in the bedroom…

Anyway, they fly around and live in the windows for a few weeks. And then they die. From hunger, I’m thinking, because there surely isn’t any ladybug food in my bedroom. (They eat aphids, I believe…) So these little black things I kept finding on the bedroom floor, and thinking they were sweatpant-lint (before I sucked them up in the vacuum) are in reality little ladybugs that have turned up their toes and croaked.

It makes me a little uneasy, somehow. A plague of dead ladybugs just does NOT seem like a good omen.


  1. That used to happen at the family farmhouse and only in one room. We found they were coming in through the ceiling fan. For what it's worth, that was one of the happiest placest and happiest homes I've ever known.

  2. We have this problem too, although someone told me they're not actually ladybugs. Look like ladybugs to me! They seem to congregate on the Southern side of the house. I don't have any advice--I just try to put them out if I find them. We also have a plague of box elder bugs!

  3. Lisa, I think lotzamoe (journal - surrounded by nincompoops) did an entry about having a ton of ladybugs in his house too. I thought he was joking because I had never heard of that before. It would totally freak me out. They're really cute, but who wants them in their house?

  4. I am in South MS and late Winter I started noticing Lady Bugs in my house as well. First time this has happened to us. They are giving my vacuum a work out. Kristi

  5. We have had the box elder bug plague all winter. Then just this week I've seen two ladybugs in the house. I wonder if we're going to shift.