Monday, April 5, 2004

Happy Things

Bald Eagle - Take Away

I’m stealing an idea from Karen again. At first, I thought, "Hey, you need to get your own ideas…" But then, it occurred to me that, being the slightly depressive person I am, I don’t spend enough time thinking about things that make me happy. Maybe this is an exercise I NEED to indulge in. So here they are, in no particular order--things that make me happy:

The barking of geese overhead, cardinals, spotting a bald eagle soaring over Multnomah Channel (or anywhere, for that matter), hummingbirds visiting my back yard, cornus florida (flowering dogwood) in bloom, reruns of my favorite mini-series (Centennial, Hornblower, Pride & Prejudice, Shogun), Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers, birds eating peanuts from my hand, campfires, sleeping with my husband EVERY night, each returning bud and bloom in my garden, a good meal and great service at a restaurant, anything Christmas, letters or emails from my nieces, turning out a good meal (for me and hubs OR the old people), ICE CREAM, Dana’s cheesecake (a Eugene phenomenon), fitting into size "6" anything, sending my "fat" clothes to the Goodwill, Celtic music, the beaches of the Oregon coast, weeping willows just before they leaf out, drinking champagne with anything chocolate.


  1. Loved your happy list!!! Hugs,~RC~

  2. You can steal anything from me anytime you want. I swear I don't charge a cent! I love your list. And that's a great picture too.

  3. I love dogwoods in bloom too, have several in my yard. They are beautiful. Let me know when you would like to visit South MS for a little Canasta! Kristi

  4. Great list.  Dogwoods are on my happy list as well, and quite a few of the other things you mentioned.

  5. Great list!  Many of those things would appear on my list (if I made one).  I've been enjoying the weeping willows coming back to life this week...the dogwoods arent' far behind!