Sunday, July 25, 2004

Still up at 3 am

Auuuggghh!!! It’s 3 am and I’m still awake. Had to "work" until midnight…Hours at the County Fair are 9 am ‘til midnight. And this has been a DISMAL event. Temperatures at 100+ for the last two days. The kiss of death for food concessions. When it’s that hot, nobody goes to the fair, and those who do, don’t eat. The only line has been at the Hawaiian Shave Ice booth. I’ve decided to look past this event to next weekend. ANOTHER county fair…oh boy! Hoping, at least, that the weather will not be quite this excruciating.

BTW, here is the answer to my little "quiz" of yesterday:




I’m still immersed in the Clinton book. I’ve had more time to read than I’ve really wanted the last few days. I’ve found myself doing something I NEVER do when I read…I’m marking and highlighting entire passages. More like I would do with a textbook than a pleasure read. But there’s so much of substance here…things I’d like to be able to go back and savor, to remember.

I particularly liked the "them’d to death" quote. This country is in such dire need of unity these days. We are TOO polarized. We actually hate each other, in the most strident of terms, because of our political opinions. There’s no such thing as agreeing to disagree. And compromise? Does anyone even know the meaning of the word anymore? How can we be surprised that our government never really accomplishes anything, when none of us, from the highest-ranking government officials, down to the most mundane "man-on-the-street," can refrain from demonizing political opinions that differ from our own?

"We need each other. All of us, we need each other. We don't have a person to waste."

NO ONE is garbage. We need to understand that, and work together to keep this country great. Hard to do when we’re not in the immediate aftermath of some horrible tragedy. But we CANNOT wait until another disaster befalls us before we to start to pull together.


  1. I'm loving your comments on this book.  I bought it the first day, but haven't had a chance to pick it up yet.  You keep reminding me!  It sounds great!

  2. I'm sorry to hear it isn't going so well for the Fair. Hopefully, it will be better next weekend.

    I mark up everything I read. I use to make notes in journals but then couldn't find what I wanted later. So now, I just highlight and make the notes in the books that I am reading. It's a strange feeling because it almost seems sacriligous to mark up a book but it's mine to do with as I see fit.

    I will definitely have to read Clinton's book. You are making it sound so very interesting. :-) ---Robbie

  3. I am sorry it's so hot that it's affecting your time at the fair!  You can call in Rescue Woman, you know!  LOL!  That heat is awful and we're having it here at 4000' in the mountains!   I hope next weekend cools off and you make tons of money!  Otherwise, I'll just have to pull out my checkbook!  ((((Lisa))))   Rescue Woman...standing by!

  4. Unfortunately, rather than uniting us I think September 11 has been used to divide us. I really shudder to think what sometihng similar would be used for.

  5. I am not swayed by Clinton's speech, nor was anyone else at the time or even today.  Why?  Because it was nothing but lip service from someone who badly wanted to be elected.  Its the one who 'walks the walk' that gets my vote.  

  6. I don't think 9/11 divided this country at all....we were all saddened and felt close to each other. What has divided us is the stupid War.  Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.
     I agree---no one is garbage, and every life has value.

  7.  Clinton was a big reason we are so divided. He wagged his finger our face and not only said he didnt cheat on his lovely wife but he blamed the story on republicans. Well we all know know that he didn cheat on his lovely wife and they BOTH  still blame the vast right wing conspiracy. The gigs up . We know you lied but its our fault now? The country was jst as divided in 92 and 96. Clinto won with 43 % of the vote in 92 and 49 in 96. Never broke 50%. That is about as divided as you can get and that was before Bush.............