Tuesday, July 6, 2004

We Is All Old...

Okay...you've seen Remo's...  You've seen Robbie's...  Now, here's mine:

Yes, it's my high school graduation picture.  I can't remember now whether they were actually taken late in junior year or early in senior year.  Let's say it was taken somewhere around 1973.  I was seventeen (I didn't turn 18 until after graduation...I'm a July baby!)

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about THIS picture is that it has been riding around in my husband's wallet since before we were married.  That would be about 28 years...  Boy, it don't look too bad, considering all the butt sweat it's come in contact with over the years!  In fact, the little sucker has worn like iron! 

I haven't really LOOKED at this picture in a long time.  When I picked it out of hubs' wallet to scan it, I was shocked by how much it looks like my eighth-grade graduation picture.  In fact, I didn't grow an inch or gain a pound the whole time I was in high school.  I wore the same gym suit as a senior that I had bought when I was thirteen.  I weighed 98 pounds on graduation day 1973.  (THOSE were the days!)  Do you know, I was carded for liquor until I was thirty?

Well, that picture is fun...yeah, I look like a little hippie, trying to look the part of the happy graduate (for the benefit of my parents, mostly...)  But I think I have one that is even more bizarre.  How about a wedding picture, vintage 1976?

Isn't this a hoot?  You spend months planning the wedding and making sure everything is just perfect...  Never realizing that thirty years down the road you'll look at the pictures and just howl!  I used to show this to the college kids that worked for me (and this was ten years ago, now) and they'd say---"Wow, look at all the hippiesin your wedding!"  It's SO funny. 

When other couples of the day were exchanging their vows in gardens, wearing nothing but flowers and smiles, we were strapping ourselves into the traditional wedding garb and trying to carry off this Polish/German wedding.  I'm sorry the picture didn't scan well...I took it out of my wedding album, and they're all those fancy textured pictures.  But I wish you could really SEE the tuxes!   Wide velvet lapels, ruffled shirts, "flared" pants, HUGE velvet bow ties...OMG are they funny!  And the girls' dresses...  What a time we had picking them out!  It was an October wedding, so I was trying for an autumn color scheme.  I was actually going for what I THOUGHT was a "cinnamon brown" (which probably would have been just as ugly thirty years later...)  Little did I know I was clothing my bridesmaids in "seventies orange!"  Why did I have them carry bouquets? What we really needed was ceramic owls and macrame plant hangers to complete the ensemble!


  1. Well I think you have trumped Remo and me. Great pics! Love the 70's Orange and Leisuresque Tuxes. How sweet that your husband has been carrying your pic for all these years. 98lbs! I don't think I weighed that in 6th grade, but between 6th and 12th I grew every year. I graduated at 5' 9" and grew another inch after graduation. Since the age of 15, I think I have been carded five times, if that.
    :-( ---Robbie

  2. great pics! thanks for sharing them with us!


  3. This is great!  I think it's so sweet that your husband has been carrying this around for so many years.  My husband carrys a picture of me from when I was in my teens.  My cheeks are like apples and I don't look a thing like myself and I just don't understand why he'd carry it around.  Anyway, these are just great.  Thanks for sharing the hippie wedding with us!!!

  4. What great photos! And yes, how sweet that your husband has been carrying that one around. :-)

  5. These are great!

  6. LOL!!!  I just recently threw out the ceramic owl woven into the macrame plant hanger.  

    But it was hard.  Joe and I celebrate our 34th anniversary of a MUCH LESS formal (hippie-type) 70s wedding this Sunday.  Memories are clear; photographs are faded.  Lucky for y'all.


  7. My husband and I were High School Sweethearts, and will celebrating 31 years of wedded bliss, in August. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  8. Lisa...I really think we were twins separated at birth!  OMG!  What would be the chances of that?  I have to post my photo now, and YOUR wedding picture...OMG...it's almost a duplicate of mine, but mine was 1971!  How funny!  I am going to find it right now and post that sucker!  LOL!  Lisa

  9. Hi Lisa,

    This looks like you.  It is a very good picture.  Your features have not changed.  Only your hair changed.  I also put my senior class picture in my blog.


  10. I just know I have the perfect owl stuff somewahere in my garage....I'll lend it to you.   LOL  Funny pictures.

  11. You were adorable! (Still are but in a different way.) The seventies weren't fashion kind, were they?