Sunday, September 26, 2004

Another Live Meeting....

On Wednesday night, I was blessed with the opportunity to have yet another face-to-face meeting with an AOL journal friend, Marcy of An Apple a Day. We have met once before, when Marcy and her husband Rick sought out my booth at the Washington County Fair, so I already knew they were really sweet people. Busy, exhausted, and harassed as I usually am when I’m working, we didn’t get nearly enough time to talk at the fair. So we made arrangements to meet for dinner at a later date, after my season started to wind down enough for me to catch my breath.

We met at a local watering hole—a place that had started out life as an old General Store turned tavern, and was bought and revived by some famous local Portland microbrewery entrepreneurs back in the eighties. The hubs and I go there a lot, and it just happens to be geographically about midway between where Marcy and Rick live and where we live. We had a great time (sans Conversation Police)…drank some wine, ate the pub’s famous greasy fries (well, at least I ate them, Weight Watcher’s be damned for the evening!) They told us some wonderful stories, including the one about how they were once in the restaurant business. That’s the funny thing about meeting another AOL journaler in person. When you sit down and actually have a conversation, you discover so MANY things that you have in common that you never would have guessed. But it figures that you would…the journals have a way of bringing people with similar interests and backgrounds together.

We did have such a fun evening. Talked like we had known each other for years. But, stupid me, I forgot to bring my dang camera! Duh! Well, we’ll just have to make another date so I can get some pictures. Thanks to Marcy and Rick for being…well, for being Marcy and Rick! Hope to see you againsoon.

BTW--Thanks to Robbie and Kathleen for their instructions on the picture issue.  Success!


  1. So....can you share the picture instructions?  Your entry looks great!

  2. I read hers and she seemed equally happy to have met you all. I'm amazed at how many have met one another.

  3. This is so great.  I'm very happy for you.  

  4. I read her journal.....and now I'm here at yours.......thanks for stopping by mine!  How nice to meet another journaler in person........I hope to attend the convention in AC next August.....and meet some Journalers face to face!


  5. LOL! I thought the placed sounded like the one where that lady was a biatch. Glad to see the picture thing worked out for you. Oh, and that you had fun with Marcy.
    :-) --Robbie

  6. Ahhhh Lisa, You are soooooo sweet. The pleasure truly was all ours!.

  7. I still think of you and the Conversation Police when I take my lil darlings out to kids might need a police officer of their own!

  8. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time...but not surprised!  Our journals have the magic of making new friends good friends very quickly.

  9. Wow, you are meeting lots of people, aren't you? I've only met one online friend irl.  Why is it all of my favorite ones are so far away? lol

    So glad to hear your meeting was enjoyable. :-)