Saturday, September 4, 2004

Summer's Last Hurrah (Hooray...)

I’m sitting here on my back deck (albeit wrapped in a sleeping bag for warmth), my face to the gold feather clouds of the sunset. Well, they were gold, but they’ve since mellowed to peach, then rose, then dusky gray…most of which I missed, because the minute I sit down to write, there isn’t a human or animal in this house that doesn’t need something from me… Summer exited the western valleys of Oregon abruptly two weeks ago, with the torrent that washed out my last event. Mornings and evenings have turned cool and misty. Afternoons have gone partly cloudy, and we’ve hardly got through a day in the last two weeks without at least a tiny shower or two spitting down on us. It’s always a relief to move out of the brown and dusty days of summer, and into the more breathable air of autumn. Trouble is, it’s happened about a month early this year. Makes one wonder what the winter will be like. Then again, we had summer weather—sunny, dry, and nearly 90 degrees—this past April. So it looks like we’re paying the piper for that now.
We made the mistake of going to Home Depot this afternoon. Started out innocently enough, picking up some things to make a new sign holder for the banner for my booth. Then, we thought we’d cruise on over and see what they had available in French doors… What was I thinking? This is a holiday weekend. The LAST holiday weekend of the summer. It cries out for a project…a last hurrah before battening down the hatches against the coming monsoons. We’ve been planning a "someday" project of putting a sliding door in our dining room, leading out to what is actually the main part of our yard, which, due to weird placement of the house on an odd-shaped lot, happens to be on the side of the house. Well, darned if old Home Depot didn’t have a great deal going on a "sliding French door." An Anderson door, no less. To make a long story short, husband is now beavering away, removing the drywall from the entire north wall of the dining room.
Yes, I know, it’s a rather LARGE undertaking for a spur-of-the-moment Labor Day home improvement project. But it seems to be making him happy, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it once it’s done. Unfortunately, I know months will pass before that eventuality. He starts a project, gets it 85% finished, and then gets distracted by something else, loses interest, or quits because he’s never done this before and is not sure how to proceed (whereupon one has to wonder why he started…) And then we’ll just live around it until I completely freak out and nag him to for god’s sake, finish it or hire someone who can… Can’t possibly complete a project without paying obeisance to the family dynamic: I am the bitch, and he is the long-suffering husband. I don’t bother about it anymore. I just get into character, say my lines, and get it over with. I know it’s the only way things ever get done around here. I learned WAY early on that trying to do a project together is the fast track to divorce court…
Well, it’s mostly dark now. I can just see the silhouettes of the spires of the big fir trees up on the hill, against the deep teal sky. Chirping of happy bugs can be heard coming from my potted geraniums (gerania?) to my left. Husband has filled two huge garbage cans and scooted them out to the garage…with what, I’m afraid to look. Guess I’d better go inside and see how he’s doing. (Making the zipping-lips-and-throwing-away-the-key gesture…)
I had thought I was finished here…but I had to share that husband just walked by and asked when I was going to be done with my boyfriend online, so that he can go to "Home" and ask how big a header he’s going to need….


  1. Out of all the dumb requirements I had for a husband after the first two (I learned my lesson) was a man with the ability to complete a project.  My father had grand ideals and started grand projects, but often enough we lived around those unfinished projects.  My mother would bitch and moan, but then it would turn into a passive aggressive battle and nothing was ever completed, nor was someone hired to do so.  My husband does finish projects; however, it is the starting that is the problem.  He will begin a 30 day stay at home session (gain 15 pounds) in two weeks and supposedly he will sand down Lavender’s play table and two chairs, repaint each, sand down his garage table and repaint it, sand her rocker and paint it (it was bought unfinished from Michael’s for only $6 four years ago) and hang a few pictures/paintings.  I will let you know by the middle of October how he rated.  When he deploys I will just skimp on the grocery bill and pay for the services.

    Those french doors will look lovely!

  2. We've gpt a cricket on the porch. I think he moved in from the clematis when the weather got damp. Good luck on the French doors. They will be lovely. Watching the Weather Channel and repeating my mantra.  "I love Oregon, I love Oregon........."

  3. I guess I should be glad that we are too broke to venture forth on any of my husband's project ideas.

  4. I am so envious of your cooler days-- we are still fending off hurricanes down here, we are just now getting into the heart of the hurricane season.  Oh, I didn't know OSU's field goal kicker was from the Cajun Country :-) Geaux Tigers!  Kristi

  5. Awww, Lisa.  Your back deck sounds like a lovely place to be!

    But forget that home improvement project.  Jeez. :-X  lol  I guess everyone has different ideas of what constitutes a fun hobby. ;-)

  6. It is strange how it changes so quickly.  I swear only two weeks ago I could go out into sunlight at 8:15 and take a 30 minute jog and arrive home in the twilight.  Now it is dark at 8:15.  Time speeds up as autumn approaches?

  7. I'm the culprit in our family.  I start the project, then discover it is too hard for me-- my skill with a circular saw is still not so good.  Or I can't lift the dang whatever, or I can't reach the derned whosit.  Hubby to the rescue.  I am rather liking this procedure, actually.  given his choice, he would "dream" about projects all day long, but action would never occur. Now (heh heh heh) he gets to thinking what a he-man hero he has become.  
    Works for me.  (but I really didn't do this out of a calculating entrapment frame of mind.  really.)
    mumsy, the helpless.

  8. Your husband does projects much the way I do. Maybe I need someone to bitch and moan at me. Nah. ::::shaking head:::: Good Luck! :-) ---Robbie

  9. You were wrapped in a sleeping bag for WARMTH?!  You lucky girl.  I'm stitting at my desk in the guest room, it's 102 and I'm sweating like a stevedore.

    As for husbies and house projects; I have a new shower fixture that's been sitting on top of the bathroom cabinet for so long waiting for him to install it I've taken to dusting the thing and calling it an 'art piece'.  I'm learning to like it there...

    Good luck with yours!   :)

  10. PS ~ I love your font! Do you mind telling what it is....?  :)