Monday, November 22, 2004

And in TODAY'S News...

Five Dead, Three Hurt in Wisconsin Hunting Dispute


BIRCHWOOD, Wis. (Nov. 22) -- A deer hunter shot and killed five people and injured three others in northwestern Wisconsin following a dispute about a tree stand during the hunt's opening weekend, authorities said.

What a perfect illustration of exactly what I was talking about in my last entry.

Our constitution requires that we allow people to go off into the woods armed to the teeth with semi-automatic weapons. Background checks? Waiting periods? Outlawing of certain kinds of extremely dangerous weapons? Unconstitutional! After all, those deer can be tough…gotta have the ability to pump as many bullets into ‘em as it takes to bring ‘em down! VERY sportsmanlike!

I can’t wait to see the fur fly between the NRA and the gun control lobby on this one.


  1. This is perfect example of why you dont give stupid people guns or drivers license

    Donna in TEXAS

  2. During hunting season in our area...there's always at least ONE accidental shooting by an intoxicated sportsman.  I'm always disgusted at the irresponsible use of these weapons in the name of sport.  But this was just shocking.  What...a spoiled brat didn't get t keep his spot?  On private land???  This man had been arrested before in an incident involving a gun.  Yet...somehow it's ok for him to own and use a semi automatic weapon.  How can anyone NOT see what's wrong with this picture??

  3. My brother is a big gun-hugger where as I believe in gun control. Always a bone of contention between the two of us. This is a horribly gruesome situation that I don't think gun control laws could have averted. My cable has been out so I haven't heard "the rest of the story" on this. I can't believe this was only over a dispute for a tree stand. Absolutley tragic! :-) ---Robbie

  4. This had everything to do with tempers and absolutely nothing to do hunting... and yes, it is a sport.  Both Scott and our son practice strict conservation regimens.  Last time I checked, Scott had to jump through many hoops to purchase his gun, our son has to attend safety courses every year (and we'd still insist if it weren't required)  and the game warden is checking them constantly for violations.   Scott and Matthew adhere to every single standard but forth and then some more to satisfy Mama's safety standards... because one really dumb person with no sense and no self control opened up over an arguement in the woods is positively no reason to dump on true hunters.  Highlight the real thugs who actually have the illegal weapons and don't hesitate to use them in the crowded street or neighborhood.  Kristi

  5. I live in Wisconsin, and the man that did the shooting wasn't wearing orange. He was in a camouflage jacket and pants. They think he may be linked to a hunter being killed 2 years ago, that was shot in the back twice. Because he shot one of the men in the back twice. Then this morning a land owner was in the hospital, because he asked 2 deer hunters, to leave his private property. He was 63 years old, and was severly beaten, and ended up in the emergency room. With 650,000 deer licenses issued this season, and my windows rattling during deer season. I get angry when they are hunting around subdivisions.             Deborah