Thursday, November 4, 2004

Mandate? I Don't Think So...

They’re telling us that President Bush has received a "mandate," by virtue of receiving more popular votes than any elected president in history.

What they’re not publicizing is that John Kerry also received more votes than any elected president in history. Including Ronald Reagan’s "landslide" victory in 1984.

2004— George W. Bush-59,247,194

John Kerry-55,710,000

2000-- George W. Bush-50,456,002

(Al Gore—50,999,897)

1996-- Bill Clinton-47,402,357

1992--Bill Clinton-44,909,326

1988--George H.W. Bush-48,886,097

1984--Ronald Reagan-54,455,000

Lots of people cared deeply about this election. Lots of people cared enough to turn out in record numbers to make their voices heard. NOT just Republicans. NOT just people who stood strong for four more years of wars, unbelievable deficits, building discrimination into our state constitutions, and turning our nation into a Christian theocracy.

The Democrats, the "Libruls" turned out, too. People who wanted to stand up and be counted for change. People who wanted to see Mr. Bush fired for his hand in the huge backslide this country has taken in the last four years. LOTS of people. More than 55 million of them. What are you going to do about us, Mr. President? Pretend we don’t exist? Pretend that now we’re going to "get behind you" because you lied and arm-twisted your way to a popular vote victory (your first?)

No, sir, we aren’t going away. We aren’t shutting up. And we aren’t jumping up on the bandwagon behind you. Nearly half the country vehemently disapproves of the job you have done so far. And we are going to continue to work as hard as we can to thwart you at every turn. Since we love our country, we have no other choice.

Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime. 

--Adlai E. Stevenson


  1. Amen, sister. Loyal, yes. Opposition, definitely.

  2. Thank you for posting this Lisa. I was thinking that it is relative to the total population too. But, I am still wallowing in my sorrow and fears to say or do anything. :-( ---Robbie

  3. Thank you for this thoughtful post and powerful quote. judi

  4. Lanny directed me to this entry and I have to say, thank you!  For pointing all this out, I'm hoping so badly that GW will remember that only half the country was for him and the other half wasn't.  The voter turn out this year was wonderful and I also don't understand why they're saying the youth didn't show up as expected, because it was a record turn out for 18-24 year olds too (which about 70% of, voted Kerry). ~Melissa

  5. hear, hear.  hear her.  well said.

  6. "Since we love our country, we have no other choice."
    I love that.  perfectly put!
    and your right, the celebrations is for the poeple. We ALL stood strong behind our country.  And we ALL should be proud. :)

  7. I found my way here via Robbie's journal.
    I'm glad I came by to visit! Great and
    powerful entry!!!

  8. I came here via Robbie's journal.  Talk about powerful and from the soul.  Very well said indeed!  We've got to grow even more stronger now.  We got him for President for 4 more years which makes me more determined in making our voices heard.  I'm really so sick and tired of this Liberal/Conservative mess!  Some issues, I'm more conservative on.  Others I may be liberal.  It is Not right for the government to put laws on who can marry and whom can not.  Nor is it right to give the filthy rich a BIG tax break and make the middle class families pick up the slack.  The middle class people are the back bone of this country.  They keep THIS COUNTRY going each and every day!! And yet we are underpaid, overworked, highly stressed, over taxed, and simply put down by our own leaders!  

  9. It is patriotic to pay taxes as well, however, I never see them (the ones who want services but do not want to pay taxes) being called UnAmerican!

  10. Another "mandate" they forgot to mention: Pres. Bush also historically received the highest number of votes against a sitting president. ~Amy~

  11.  I wonder if you rember how you felt when Bill Clinton was elected in92 with 43% of the vote? 57 % against him. Or if you remenber how you felt in 96 when he won relection with 49%? I trust you to tell me the truth. Did you think Clinton ever had a mandate>Does a mandate matter? What do you need to have a "mandate"?
    You are right that NOT just republicans , or christians turned out. But we did turn out  too. Is my vote not as worthy as your vote is?  Did Bush twist your arm? Did Clinton twist mine? Nearly half of the country dis apporves of every president-right?  Surley a supporter of Clinton knows this since he never had a majority, and never had near the amount of votes that Bush has garnered. Have a good day.  thomas your friend

  12. I wonder if the same Democrats who yell they will vehemently oppose Bush, want Bush to reach out to them? If so , say so. Let Daschell, no wait he is out. I mean Edwards , oh yea...retired well let some brave Democrat come out and say "We dont want the christian vote. We dont want the conserative vote. We are liberals!"  Please!  That would make you happy right? Lets you and me work on that togeather. Let us get out the LIBERAL message. I promise all the help you can stand on that. Let us stand up and be counted. Liberal, conservitive...

  13. Well, if I had seen a WHITE FLAG waving in your entry I would have had to make a special trip to Oregon to kick your ass (since I'm such a bully and all)...just're the greatest!

  14. Please ignore the idiot commentators.  They voted for Bush after all.  This was a great and intelligent entry.  In 4 years they will see that we are right.  They will be too broke to afford enough gas to go to the polls...but they will know we are right.

    President Clinton never Screamed "MANDATE" at the top of his lungs or threatened us with his 2% political "CAPITAL" either.  We will be at war with Palistine and Iran soon.  Our deficit is already multi trillion...and Y'all can just kiss Social Security good bye...He spent our money.

    I would like to say I won't have any sympathy for Bush voters...but I can't be that cruel.  

    Its not a democracy anymore....Bush has made it a monarchy or worse....a dictatorship.

    Be very afraid.

  15. Lisa-
    So sorry I haven't visited your journal in a few days, been crazy busy. On my days off I fly to Reno to be with Mom & Dad. She is hanging in there and doing the best she can, we all are.
    I just loved this entry as I do all of your writings. I still firmly stand behind John Kerry and will always say he belongs in the White House, not W. John Kerry is a great American and I'm sad that so many people will never know what a wonderful job he could have done for our beloved US. I am watching CNN today and how our Marines are battling Faluja, makes me so sick. Funny thing, where are our allies now Mr. Bush? They sure would have come in handy today!

    Thank you for another intriguing and thoughtful entry Lisa!


  16. Directed here via Robbie,  thanks for a great entry.  Your point about all the votes against Bush is very true.  And we've all got to find ways to keep fighting for what WE believe in.  --Albert  

  17. You rock!  Hell no he didn't get a mandate.  The half of the country that didn't vote for him can't stand the man and thinks he's one of the worst presidents ever.  Let's stand together and do our best to stop this nut.