Thursday, April 21, 2005

Go Read These...(Please?)

I can't leave town without pimping a few great journal entries.  Wouldn't want you to have nothing to read while I'm gone...

Cynthia (Sorting the Pieces) doesn't post too many political rants, but when she does, they are thoughtful, powerful, and worth reading.  Go read this entry for the one and only time she'll ever agree with Karl Rove.

And then there's Jackie (pixels, Politics, Posies, and Pussycats), my good friend from the "old country," who continues to surprise me with her wisdom and good sense.  I knew there was a reason we've been friends for so long...  Here is her entry about the eroding effect of the "Walmart Credo" on our economy and our national psyche.

Happy reading.  I'll be thinking of y'all as I'm working like a slave this weekend.



  1. Are you slaving to make money or fix up the yard? Either sounds pretty good. At least the weather is supposed to be good.

    Jackie (thanks for the plug)

  2. have fun,make lots of money, and come home safe!

  3. Ohhhh, love your journal . . .  found you just as you're going away for a few days, so I'll be back!