Monday, April 11, 2005


Sometimes living in Oregon is just...interesting. This morning, I arose to a clear blue sky, sun, a perfect spring morning. Decided that I would chuck my plans of going on a buying trip for the business, and stay home and work in the garden. "Rainy days are indoor work days. Nice days are for yard work," I emailed the DH. So, I jumped in the shower, all prepared to rush outside, grab my tools, and go dig in the dirt.

Of course by the time I got out of the shower, the clouds had blown in from nowhere...and I knew where the day was going. Right now, the rain is pouring down in horizontal sheets, the wind is blowing...and I'm finishing up my shopping list. I don't much like driving or shopping in a deluge, either; but yard work is definitely out of the question.

Here is a picture of where I'd rather be...and what I'd rather the weather was like. Took this on Saturday when we made a spur-of-the-moment camping trip to the beach (because DH HAD TO pull a trailer somewhere with the new truck, or die...) We SO lucked out with the weather...


Just another one of Oregon's endless beaches... 


  1. Ahhh ... so that's what a beach in Oregon looks like:-)
                  *** Coy ***

  2. It's gorgeous.  I've never been to Oregon.  It's looks beautiful.

  3. Stunning ~ I'd love to be there right now!  Even in the rain.  :)

  4. Oregon is one of the few states I haven't visited and I have heard one of the most beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    PS - It's raining here in MN today as well.

  5. Hey, ya got the no rain when it counted. I'd say the plants aren't going anywhere but you can never be too sure. LOL


  6. Oh, that is simply gorgeous.  Rainy here as well today with flash flood watches.  It's good to be home and off the road.

  7. beautiful!!  Go camping there..twist my arm!

  8. Lisa....that is an absolutely beautiful shot!  It looks like a painting!  I am so glad DH didn't have to die!  I don't think I could take another funeral!  LOL!  Lisa

  9. wow! i am used to the white sugar sands & warm gulf waters of our beaches here in AL. that is wild & stark & beautiful. i have alwasy wanted  to see a rocky beach.