Friday, July 1, 2005

Pacific Northwest Confluence

Well, here I am…wide awake at a quarter past midnight. The joys of fluctuating hormones have completely screwed up my sleep patterns. When I finally DO crawl into bed, I wake up every 90 minutes or so awash in the perspiration of a virulent hot flash. My most restful sleep usually comes after my 4:00 am hot flash, which sometimes lasts until 6:00 am… I cover my head with a pillow to block out that pesky solstice plus a week early morning sun, and finally stop sweating long enough to drift off. Then, suddenly I jerk myself awake, struggle to see the clock, and see that it is nearing 9:00 am. I stumble out of bed, still groggy, feeling like I have slept half the day away.

It’s times like these that I’m grateful that I’m "semi-retired." I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to haul myself out of bed at 6 am to get ready for work after four hours or less of actual sleep, night after night.

On this particular night, I really SHOULD be dragging my butt to bed, because I actually have to set the alarm for a relatively early rising in the morning. I must be showered, dressed, and out of the house by 8:00 Friday morning…so that I can point my car in a northerly direction toward Olympia, WA. Where I have scheduled my THIRD face-to-face meeting with an AOL journal friend. I have previously met Marcy (punky5678) and Lisa (cw2smom). Tomorrow, I am slated to meet the much younger and much more successful (than me) Robbie (krobbie67)—that life-in-the-fast-lane denizen of the City of Angels, who has escaped northward for a little R & R. She is vacationing in Seattle, and I live in far northern Oregon, so we thought surely there must be a halfway point at which we could meet. We spun the dial, drew the maps, and decided upon Olympia.

Now, the only thing I know about Olympia is that it is the capitol of Washington, and that for 8 years, I drove through it about once a month on my way from Oregon to Seattle for managers’ meetings for the company I worked for. Robbie did some research, and found that Olympia holds a big-time farmers’ market during the summer months; which, coincidentally, is also having a jazz festival tomorrow. What could be more fun?

I’m looking forward to a couple hours of fresh northwest produce, crafts, jazz…and, most importantly, Robbie. Of course, I’ll have my camera…so I promise pictures of this "mini-confluence." ¡Hasta luego!


  1. Have fun, you two.  I'll be there in spirit.

  2. Oh, this is great.  Can't wait to see the pictures!

  3. May I suggest taking magnesium sulfate for the hot flases. It really worked for me. Take anywhere from 250-750 mgs a day. Just find the dose that works for you.

  4. Good for you!  More girlfriend time!   Have fun and stay outta trouble would ya?  LOL!  Lisa

  5. lightyears2venusJuly 1, 2005 at 3:34 PM

    I've been a red-hot mama for several years now and it is the worst, night or day.  I have to get up, splash water on and stand in front of a fan about twice a night, so not quite as disruptive as your flashies.  I used to always be too cold, especially in air-conditioning, but not now.  I feel for all the skinny girls in my classroom, sandwiched between 12-year old boys who always want the AC on and a teacher who is also hormonally-challenged, mopping her brow and turning the AC even lower.  They just plead with me and the boys and huddle into their skimpy little tops.   I will try the magnesium sulfate!  I'm always trolling WebMD for my husband and kids' ailments, but since abandoning HRT during the scare I haven't taken the time to research for my own albatross.  Have a blast in Olympia.  I'm sure jealous.

  6. Oh Lisa I am so proud of you....and a wee bit jealous.  I would so love to meet both of you too.

    Have fun and drive safe.

  7. It's so exciting to meet another j-land friend.  I hope you had a wonderful time.  I'm a little envious...both you and Robbie are girls I would LOVE to meet f2f.