Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sign It, Please!

He might have strayed a little too close to the edge of the cliff this time.  Maybe we should just give him a little shove... 

Sign Senator Kerry's "Fire Karl Rove" petition.  It couldn't hurt....


  1. Signed and forwarded - thx! ~ Lori

  2. In recognition of my (albeit modest) contributions last fall, John regularly sends me e-mails, so already signed and delivered.  Great idea to do an entry!  Hope thousands of your fans respond.  I relish all of the jabs at Rove in Doonesbury. Even if he is forced to 'officially' resign (I agree that prosecution is probably way too much to hope for, but maybe there really is a Santa Claus), don't you think the Bushies will surely keep him on the payroll under the table?  Even if he goes to prison (oh, please!) he'll probably still be running the administration from the jailhouse phone.  It's like a horse costume--Rove is the front end and W is you-know-what.  If the brain end is gone--you get the picture.  Maybe Condi will do something illegal next!  LOL.

  3. "Sign Senator Kerry's "Fire Karl Rove" petition.  It couldn't hurt...."

    Yes, it could. Let America's atrociously short attention span work FOR you for once. The media is doing a bang up job of putting/keeping this issue in the forefront - now is the time to shut the hell up and let the media place the notion in the collective American conciousness that Karl Rove is a crook, that GWB welches on his promises.

    You don't have to do a thing except sit back and watch the carnage, sillies. Let the RNC scurry around like a chicken with its head cut off. Don't mess up a good thing by opening your political mouth.

  4. Signed and hopefully delivered. I don't think just sitting back and waiting for the media to do their job is going to do any good. The media didn't really get involved until one of their own went to jail. If she hadn't it would probably still be a non-issue.


  5. I'm on John Kerry's email list as well, so I've already signed, although olddog does make a point.  

    Still, I don't believe the press can be entirely trusted to keep the pressure on, and the American people are easily distracted.  What if, god forbid, Tom and Katie decide to split, or Michael Jackson decides to start his own religion?  Or Britney gets caught smoking?  The treachery of this administration, with the aid of Fox, MSNBC and network info-tainment 'news' channels, will all go back to being back page news...

    On the other hand, even if Rove is 'fired', does anyone really believe he will cease to be a power behind the throne...?

  6. I kinda like olddog's idea.  This is the same thought I had about Tom DeLay - don't force him out, keep him on as the personification of Republican politics, an albatross for the 2006 elections.  The only problem with that is the media's short attention span.  They'll run with this for a few days, then get bored and let it drop.  The best strategy is new news to keep this story in the limelight.  Now if John Kerry were to show up at the White House with a petition that had about 500,000 signatures...that might give the story some fresh legs and keep it going a little longer.
    MoveOn Pac is close to 500,000 signatures with their "Fire Karl Rove" petition...
    Sign 'em both.

  7. I'm kind of enjoying watching Bush squirm and parse. (how many times can you say investigation in one I am watching him right now). They certainly have the script down!
    I have signed the petition tho....couldn't hurt. <G>
    PS -- put me on your private journal list please?

  8. Just being fired is not good enough.  People are so afraid to speak the raw truth.  Rove is a traitor to his country.  He needs nothing less than the guillotine.  

  9. Yep!!! Got a copy!!

  10. Oops!  In my previous comment, I mixed up MoveOn Pac's "Fire Tom DeLay" petition (which is the one with almost 500,000 signatures) with their "Fire Karl Rove" petition.  The URL I included, which has "delay" in it, should have been a giveaway.  The correct URL for the MoveOn Pac Karl Rove petition is...

    Many sites have "Fire Karl Rove" petitions.  My favorite is Congresswoman Louise Slaughter's "Send Karl Rove His Pink Slip" campaign...

    "It is time to hold the President accountable. He made a promise to the American people that he'd fire whoever leaked the identity of Valerie Plame, an undercover CIA agent. Now that we know the leaker was, at least in part, Karl Rove; it is time for the President to keep his word.
    "We are sending along our own pink slips to Karl Rove because the President refuses to do it himself. If the White House ends up knee deep in pink paper, perhaps the President will finally give Mr. Rove the legitimate pink slip he so greatly deserves.
    "Putting the life of an undercover CIA agent in jeopardy cannot be tolerated. Mr. Rove clearly deserves his pink slip, and we’re going to give it to him."

    Send your pink slip at...

  11. I signed, but I began to worry about Karl's ability to earn a living if he's let go. Being Bush's brain is all he knows. I'm sure if he had salted away an illicit fortune like the Vice President, we'd know about it.

    Then it hit me--his forehead. He has the biggest forehead I've ever seen. So my idea for Karl is to rent out advertising space on his forehead. He could start now now by having Dubya letter "this he-yuh spay-yus fer rey-unt" on his prodigious brow.

    Meanwhile, the role of Bush's brain will beplayed by...Rick Santorum.

  12. Lisa-
    I signed it too. I have so much information and a stack of paperwork here at home on this "issue". Karl Rove should not only be terminated but prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law; just like anyone else would be. We will all just have to sit back and watch another politcal "circus" created once again by the Bush administration and his cronies, like Rove. Fitzgerald's investigation I think is going to be a complete dam joke.

    Thanks for another great entry and I hope your back is getting better and better!