Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Vernal Equinox

It’s finally here. After what seems to be one of the longest winters on record (which still is not convinced it is out of here…)

According to the forecast, it will start raining again tomorrow, and rain into the foreseeable future. But, today is a gloriously blue and yellow day. I am hoping this little break in the weather on such an opportune day is a hint that the newly arrived season will more closely resemble today than the rest of this coming week…


  1. Soak up enough of that yellow and blue to last you through the rainy days ahead.  Spring is taking it's SWEET time out this way.

  2. And a merry beginning of Spring to you too. The rain arrived a day early down here. But, the buds are getting bigger and I say a goldfinch yesterday. Couldn't get a good picture though.


  3. That picture is way cool.
    Did you do that?