Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Winter, Spring, and Words

Tina wrote on Sunday about the power she gains from some combinations of words that suddenly seem to come to life for her. Her latest discovery is, "It is what it is." I so understand what she’s talking about with these five little words. I recently discovered them myself, and they have unlocked a lot of chains for me.

I found another set of timely words for myself the other day. It’s not a motto…it’s more like a sound byte. But it explains a lot of what is going on in my life right now. And it might even go a long way toward explaining the general "blahness" that seems to be afflicting just about everyone in the Land of J these days.

Only 30 percent of those polled by the Los Angeles Times believe that the country is on the right track. That is such a historically low number it's a surprise Americans even get out of bed in the morning.

The current political scene in our country is so dismal. War. Bigotry. Hatred. Political infighting. And there’s nowhere you can go to get away from it. If you turn on the television or radio, open a magazine or newspaper, it roars at you like a constant gale, blasting away and wearing you down until you are simply…numb. The world, seen through the darkened lens of our national moral turmoil, looks drab and bleak and hopeless. The fitful weather of the last gasp of winter only serves to enforce that lethargy induced by the sheer weight of the depressing issues we face on our political landscape.

Personally, I’m languishing for want of Spring. I’m desperate for soft, warm breezes, coquettish sunlight peeking out from between the clouds, and bright green knobs of new life breaking through the dark, damp, icy earth. And for the warmth of charity, the light of wisdom, and the life of understanding and new leadership to break through the murk of the cold political fog that has settled upon us. I don’t want to hear that "It is what it is." I want to know that it can be so much more…


  1. Very profound...JAE

  2. Interesting entry. "It is what it is" is a phrase I've been learning to embrace in many places in my life. This week I thought it many a time over somewhere over 50 hours at the poker table. In that context it meant to me that I needed to accept that this particular hand was going no where and instead of throwing good money after bad on a slim hope or really no hope at all just fold quietly away and await a better opportunity.

    That general philosophy which is central to successful poker also works in life. My son is old enough now where I am not needed as "Mr. Mom". Rather than wander around lost I think I've FINALLY decided to accept that "it is what it is" and begin to look at the myriad of opporunties open to me now that were not open before as well as those that have always existed but which I chose, at the time, to set aside.

    While frequently life is what it is that does not mean we can't work to make it better. People get to a point they get frustrated and stop dreaming. I know I do. We've got to keep dreaming or we start dying.

    That applies, I think, to all facets of our life individually and as a community here in J-Land as well as on a broader scope to us as a country. I agree that there is a lot I do not like about the way things are. I have a feeling you and I would not agree on specifics but that doesn't matter. If we all try to better ourselves and others then we'll eventually make an impact on the rest of our world.

    Thanks for a wonderfully thought provoking entry. Sorry for the kind of long comment. My motto should be "Help I've started writing and I can't stop!"

  3. The knocking sound you may hear from the south is probably me banging my head on the desk. When the headlines get too depressing I go check out the yard. So far we have half dozen red tulips in a pot, some never say die primroses, the heather that bloomed during the winter, some white violets and one lonely little daffodil. Knock, knock, knock.


  4. "It is what it is", is a great way to come to acceptance.  The alternative...."it is what you make it!"

  5. The LA Times poll is actually quite hopeful.  What if it said 60% said the country is on the right track? Now that would be dismal.  Can't provide the exact numbers, but saw a major network poll on the news the other night to the effect that a majority of Americans now question the War and confidence in our (Fearsome) Leader is loooow.  Although it also said the respondents don't necessarily want to elect Democrats at this point.  Nevertheless, I'm buoyed.

  6.    This entry got me to thinking about what it is in general that is getting me down these days.  And I think that the answer is greed. Matter of fact, thats probably what my next entry will be about.  How people have become greedy, to the detriment of everyone in this country, and beyond.  Thanks for a real thinker of an entry.  And I hope that Spring comes soon for you.  Blue skies and the singing of the birds in the trees always does it for me.   tina