Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Random thoughts...

If I yawn any wider, I think my face will split wide open.

But I just thought I would check in.

I almost got my fingers cut off today by a falling knife. That was the highlight of my day. The "almost" part. Luckily, all I ended up with are a couple of nasty little cuts very inconveniently located right across the tops my fingers in the spots most likely to be smashed, squished, soaked, greased, and generally abused. Should prove annoying for the next couple of days…

Yesterday, I discovered that going on a "date" to a wine tasting with a partner who doesn’t drink is really no fun at all. We ditched the wine tasting in favor of a quick meal at one of our favorite downtown Portland haunts—the Heathman Hotel. Ahhhh….that was very nice. I had a ginger mango martini. Very nice. Wish I could have stayed awake long enough to have savored the memory of the evening. I fell asleep in the car on the way home… I’m a pretty lame date, these days.

New employees are a mixed bag. Old employees are about 50% gone now. I expect to lose most of the rest of them before Christmas. But it’s amazing how much more mine the café becomes with the exit of each bit of old dead wood…

Okay…I have drained my last brain cell for the evening. ‘Night…


  1. I am glad that falling knife didn't cut off your fingers ~ hope those cuts arn't too bad though ~ glad you enjoyed your meal that ginger mango martini sounded good ~ I am pleased the cafe feels more yours having lost some of the old employee's  ~ Hope you got a good nights sleep ~ Ally

  2. Ouch to the yawn, ouch to the almost lost fingers due to a fallin knife! ok sorry the wine tasting date didn't turn out to wine tasting!
    get some sleep!


  3. See, it's happening ~ becoming yours!

  4. So much more positive than a week ago (:  You're going out, feeling like things are 50% full than 50% empty.   Despite the near decap...dedigitization (?) the sparkly stars at the end say it all.  Thanks for checking in.

  5. I love your little moon and stars. Be careful with those knives. Hope the care keeps becoming more "yours."


  6. I go to a lot of wine tastings, and I do not drink at all, but I do obediently sniff and look interested...lol...plus I drive, so that is a redeeming feature, I guess...

    love, Kas

    PS watch those fingers!

  7. Catching up Lisa.

    I hope by now those fingers are ok.  I've cut myself bad a couple of times.  It takes a while to heal.