Sunday, January 14, 2007

Happy Sunday...

I have designated Sunday as my day off, and this will be my second Sunday off in a row, barring any unforeseen complications—like yet another employee quitting or calling in sick. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do if I end up having to go in to the café today.

Then again, I don’t know why I should want a day off. My "Home" to-do list is longer than my "Café" one. I have two Christmas trees that are still waiting to be taken down. One is already sans ornaments and is just sitting in the corner of the bedroom looking forlorn. And the other is down in the living room, scorning me from its corner, with the bottom eighteen inches of ornaments, lights, and ribbons hanging askew—as they have been since hours after they were hung. Having been "catted" into submission by a couple of furry orange devils. Ugh! I hate taking down Christmas; this year, more than ever. By contrast, de-decorating the café was quite painless. One of my crew disassembled the Christmas trees and packed them away for me on a slow morning just after New Years. I wonder who I could pay to make my home decorations go away?

I have kitchen counters full of a week’s accumulation of dishes, groceries, and mail that have to be dealt with. For all that we only use the house to sleep, shower, and watch a little tv, we sure can make a toilet of it. I’m convinced some little gremlins creep out of the woodwork while we are away and have a field day—scattering dirty dishes, blowing clouds of animal hair all over the place, flinging mail and newspapers everywhere. Certainly I am not responsible for this growing tangle of clutter.

On top of that, I have a sick kitty, who spent half of last week at the vet, and we got out of hock on Thursday to the tune of almost $600. And for all that investment, they couldn’t really put their finger on what’s wrong with him. I half believe he is dying of loneliness. For the company of people…us…his "mom and dad." Because we are never home anymore, and he has always been more of a person than a cat. I know one is not supposed to play favorites with one’s children, but this guy….he is special. I would part with $600 more, and more after that, if it would make him better. But I have a growing conviction that he is just…done. And I cannot even go there. Not right now.

So though I have a pile of jobs and worries the size of a small planet sitting on my threshold, I don’t think too many of them are going to be addressed today. I am exhausted and sad…not a highly productive combination. And the husband will be riveted to the television for at least half of the day. His beloved Bears will be in their first playoff game in umpteen years today. So I can’t count on any help from that quarter.

Maybe I’ll just get cleaned up and go to work.

Update: Someone DID call in sick, and I DID have to get cleaned up and go to the cafe. (This person will be jobless as of Wednesday morning... No big deal. I have been preparing for her departure since before Christmas. She will be the last of the dead weight to be heaved off the ship...) So I didn't have to invest too much brainpower into how I was going to amuse myself while husband watched football. The Bears won, by the the skin of their teeth.

I am home now and rooted to my recliner, where I just might stay for the rest of the day. I'm confident the mess will still be there when I'm ready to take care of it... J


  1. Maybe the feline needs to become a cafe cat?

  2. I think you should take the day and do some serious self care.  Do something that will make you feel better....even if it's just sit and pet your lonely kitty.

  3. Would that be Sprite? Too bad the kitties can't be mascots but I suspect the health inspectors wouldn't like that. Too bad, they're sweet.


  4. The mess will always wait.  Restoring yourself is essential and won't.  Enjoy the recliner.  I have all day.

  5. Poor kitty. And I know what you mean, work is sometimes more relaxing than tackling the giant to-do list known as 'home'.

  6. I'm just happy to read that you are to a point that you can plan days off. Actually taking them is the next and hopefully up and coming step.


  7. I'm sorry you didn't get to enjoy your Sunday off.  However, if it will hasten the departure of the last of the dead weight that you have been carrying, then I guess it was time well spent. I have a feeling that this might be the start of smoother sailing ahead.  Let's keep our fingers crossed   =)   ....   Tina

  8. Since Sunday is your day "off" (ha ha), maybe tomorrow (the 21st) you will comment on The Race: Hillary, Barack, and BillR.  I would welcome the view from one of my two favorite pundits (the other being Jackie).  I hope the Wednesday farewell went OK and that you got some time to devote to homework and the recliner!  It sounds like if you can just get Christmas put away it will raise your spirits.  One step at a time.  You're always superwoman in my eyes.

  9. I never even decorated for Christmas this year, and yet still I manage to have a living room strewn with tissue, boxes and wrapping paper.  It is all beginning to look more than a little silly.

    I fear you have been eaten by your recliner.

  10. We usually are tardy about getting our live trees down, and so they shed needles every where. This year we did it very early--two days after Christmas--because we were going out of twon. It felt weird to take them down before New Year's but was such a relief I may do it more often.