Thursday, June 7, 2007

I Promised Interviews....

Almost a month ago (could it possibly be???), I posted a meme that had me responding to five interview questions from a fellow blogger (Judy at talking to myself was my interrogator) and promising to interview anyone who raised her hand for the privilege, so to speak. I did have four ladies accede to be interviewed by me, and I have been terribly remiss in responding to their requests. We all know a good blogger does not crap out on a meme!

We also all know that Lisa has been tired, flummoxed, frustrated and generally beaten up of late; she barely has the mental wherewithal to brush her teeth, much less hatch five decently entertaining questions for four different women.

Still, I feel a nagging guilt about having reneged on my responsibility. So I decided to take the easy way out and come up with five questions and have each of you answer them. Hopefully, we might even learn more about each other by comparing the responses…

Cynthia, Robin, Kathy (private journal), and "morecows"—here are your questions:

  1. Imagine a young person you know is about to be deployed to Iraq and has asked for your advice and/or blessing. What would you say?
  2. They say you can’t teach on old dog new tricks. What new trick have you learned in the last, say, twelve months?
  3. If you had your choice of living in the perfect place, having the perfect job, or finding your perfect mate—and you could only have one of the three—which would you chose?
  4. Do you have a song/music that you think of as your personal anthem? What is it?
  5. Who is your hero?

If you decide not to play, I will understand. After all, I have been hardly punctual on my end. But I think the answers might be fun. Post your links if you decide to play…


  1. We are OLD DOGS?

    Well, my dog is old and she's very cute.  So I guess that's ok.

  2. He he he ... get up and put some bandaids on, I always say!  I'll do my best to this meme -- this week!  

    That old Catholic guilt?   You can put that away.  You're amoung friends here.

  3. these are great questions!!!

  4. I answered!  Ha!  I am SO MUCH FASTER than you are!

  5. Great questions! Thought provoking and tough. I'm quite glad I don't have to answer them. But, here are two answers that I'll give easily:

    My nephew joined the Army. He's been to Iraq and back again. I've never expressed my feelings to him about the what I think about the matter. I just try to offer him love and support. I think the war and our government has done a sufficient job of disillusioning him. He now refers to the establishment as "Uncle Scam."

    My hero of late is Howard Zinn. I find him to be incredibly inspiring in his actions and words.

    I hope all is well with you and work.

  6. Those are good questions. I have to say that I'm not sure i have just one hero. Mom for going through life gracefully, certain blogger with the guts to totally turn her life upside down to follow the dream she's had as long as I've know her and all of you for having the courage to let the rest of us in with your stories.