Monday, June 4, 2007

No Rest for the Weary...

I’ve not felt much like writing lately…at least, not like writing about my life. I thought I’d take five minutes this morning to write (vent) about happenings there-in.

Flaky cook did indeed manage to re-appear at work on Saturday and Sunday of the Memorial Day weekend (though I wasn’t informed of her intentions until very late on Friday) so I WAS able to take my long-planned vacation. After stressing out about it for two days, I REALLY needed it by the time if finally became a reality. Weather in Seaside was not very nice, though. Lots of clouds, some rain, some wind, cool temps. I would rather have found somewhere that I could lie in the sun all day. I’ve HAD my vacation for the summer, and I still look as white as I did in mid-January. Sigh!

Returned home Monday, everything went rather smoothly on Tuesday, and then I get a call on Wednesday morning that flaky cook has failed to show up for her scheduled shift. Apparently, she has decided she no longer wants to work for us. Did not hear from her again, and in fact have not seen her since. She showed up to pick up her final paycheck when she knew I was not there. Jeez. Thirty-eight years old, with a teen-ager of her own, and she has no more class or manners than a kid. Things will be a little tough around the cafe for awhile, but we are well rid of Ms. Cook and her constant drama, I think.

Pickings are still slim in the local labor market, though. I’ve hired three new girls, and they are all YOUNG. Eighteen or just about to turn so. I’m thinking if I am having trouble communicating with the twenty-somethings, the teen-agers ought to be a real challenge. I have no idea what motivates children these days. They don’t seem to need or want the money, so I’m not sure why they even work. It’s almost more for the social value than anything else…and I cannot have the café turn into the local high-school (drop-out) hang-out.

So I worked a lot of long shifts last week, and have pretty much shot through any re-invigoration provided by my short vacation. I feel like I’m about a hundred years old…my hands are killing me, my right knee is giving me crap. I had just got to the point were I was able to separate myself a tad from the hash-slinging part of owning the restaurant and then Ms. Cook craps out on me. One step forward, two steps back. 

It's going to be a long summer.



  1. Argggh! We went over to see my nephew 's graduation and he and his mom were going through his scrapbook. First I want to say that the kid graduated with a 4 point and will be going to a really good school this fall with almost a full ride. But, I swear he had little certificates for everything but breathing, and I might have missed that. Apparently it takes a lot more to motivate most kids these day.

    Glad you got to spend time with your family. Will try to make it over sooner or later, preferably sooner. :-)


  2. I'm glad you got away....if only for a short time.  What a headache your employee issues are.  I hope these new girls work out for you.


  3. Hmmm ... my teen (now yound adult) was totally motivated by money and responsibility.  I'd like to think responsibility was the first deciding factor, but I'd be lying ... that was my motivation for sending her into the working world at age 16.  She slung ice cream for a very long year and a half. After that she found herself a nice job in a 'fine apparel' store.  But the money ... that got her moving!

    Sorry you've worked through your stamina attained on your short vacation.  I don't want to sound ... fresh or flippant ... but dam!  Welcome to your own business.  It definitely is not what it appears to be.

  4. Thinking of youse guys. Nothing to offer, though.

    Gee, and I thought it was "No rest for the wicked," too.  ;)

  5. Kind thoughts going your way for aches, pains and employees who don't cause new ones.

  6. Sorry to hear about Ms. Flaky. Sheesh. Maybe you could train one of the drop outs. After all their future can't be too bright. They're probably dieing for some kind of training to sustain them into the future.