Sunday, September 9, 2007

Passions Part I

My passion?

As Mary guessed, I have a few. And one of them, I don’t think you who have followed me on my blogging journey have too hard a time guessing at. This is it. You’re looking at it.

In my own words:

"But I look at it this way. I love music...have always loved music. I sing all the time. I even played the guitar in my younger days, sang in the church choir for awhile. But I was not given the talent, the zeal, the passion for music that a true musician must possess. I will sing, and I will play guitar, if I darn well want to. It makes me happy. But it doesn’t make me a musician.

"Writing, however, is something that bubbles up from a well in the depths of my soul. Something I have to do, as much as eating, sleeping, or going to the bathroom. It’s part of who I am, and who I will always be. There have been times in my life when I didn’t write; crazy, busy times when I did not use my God-given talent for anything more than love letters and birthday cards. In retrospect, those turned out to be the times when I was simply playing at being someone, something, that I am not. I may have even thought I was happy, that I had ‘made it.’ But I was not being true to myself. I ignored my talent because it wasn’t easy. It wasn’t always fun. And it didn't put food on the table. Truthfully, if I was still working full-time, I probably would not yet have ‘rediscovered’ myself…"

"And then there are the rest of us. The ones who are neither wholly satisfied with this place of literary masturbation, nor even remotely capable of walking away from it. In the midst of dealing with life issues, we don’t quit writing. Our prose might gain a new dimension from our trials. It might reveal a glimpse of a heart in mourning, or become strident as we rail against challenges to our souls. Or we may murmur peace and understanding as we gain some insight on our journey. But always, the words come. We could no more stop writing than we could stop breathing. The concept of being too busy to write is beyond our ken. Writing is what we DO. Have always done."

"I don’t know why anyone would be upset not to be a writer. Like any other talent, it is often more of a burden than a joy. At best, it’s a roller-coaster existence. You create something satisfying, and you soar to the rooftops. You go through a dry spell, and you fall through a crack in the floor. What is it about right-brained talents that we who possess them always feel we are on the brink of losing them? Why this ever-present fear that the font of words, or notes, or colors, is not bottomless?"

For good or ill, better or worse, writing is my passion.

For a couple hours this evening, I dove back into my archives. Perused some of the old entries.. The ones I wrote when I had the write things that made sense, that used all my god-given tools to communicate the thing that was inside me that needed to get out. And, by damn…one or two of those essays were decent. Really good. Damn, I thought. I can write.

But…make a living at it? Tweak it and pound it and pasteurize it to fit someone else’s idea of what is acceptable, or what would sell; what is worthy or beautiful?

Not a chance.

This…this blog. This is as close as I could possibly come.


  1. Thank you Lisa for sharing you passion with us.  We are all richer because of it.

  2. I just knew this was the passion you'd speak of...........I just knew it!  You are such a talented writer and I am so glad that we've had the opportunity to read and enjoy your passion!  Writing was my passion.........I thought I could never stop, but I have for way too long!  But I can start to feel the stirrings in my soul again, so I must act upon them!  Here's hoping that I can get my butt in gear and work on returning to my passion once again.  You motivate me!  Keep up the great work/words!  Love ya, Lisa

  3. i hear you!

    i just re-read posts last night and found myself so grateful.  and i've been re-reading lots of old writing lately and have found it a strongly affirming experience.  

    i don't think i'm as strongly identified as a writer, as one who needs to write, but maybe.  

    thanks for sharing your passions.  

  4. And this entry and more specifically  'Damn, I thought.  I can write' is why I come back here ... 'cause really, Lisa, you can write.  And make sense.

    :)  ~Kathy~

  5. Oh sure can write.  I love your conviction and the way that you communicate emotion and attitude.  I really miss when you're too busy to write, or as it's been lately, I'm too busy to read.  But as long as you're writing Lisa....I'll be here!



  6. There's a film out called The TV Set about a writer whose idea gets picked up as a TV pilot and then the fun begins. He's caught between a rock and a hard place. He doesn't want to compromise on his passion, but he needs to make a living writing. I haven't seen the film, I have the DVD on order, apparently he compromises enough to get the show picked up and realizes he's going to be writing something he doesn't believe in in the end. Talk about God's little acre.

    I can't imagine trying to write for pay. And I can't imagine trying to please anybody but myself when I write.  Keep the faith.


  7. Ditto Punky.  You can write, Lisa, and your fans enjoy reading you.