Monday, April 14, 2008

The Answers

Comment from andrea8358

The first one is The King and I.
Number 2 is Ghostbusters
3: Scrooged

5 has to be Little Women
Number 7 is White Christmas, I think.
8 is Christmas Vacation.

That's all I can get.

Comment from fdtate714

Number 2 is Ghostbusters. Is number 3 Scrooged? I also knew number 8. Really! As for the rest, I don't have a clue, but I love some of the quotes.

Comment from
rdautumnsage |

Ok let me see some of these are just guesses:

3 Miracle on 34th Street (when a bell rings an angel gets his wings)

4.Lord of the Rings

5 Little Women

8 National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

9 Child's Play: Chuckie's Bride?

10 9 to 5...Working 9 to 5 with Dolly Parton?

(Hugs) Indigo

Comment from thesheatons |

Well, number one is The KIng and I. And now that you did the second line I can "hear" ol Yul saying line number one.

number five-Little Women?


There are one or two obsessive movie watchers out there. I have to give Andrea the big prize. She guessed six—count ‘em six—of the ten. You and I must have some mystic connection, Andrea…

Duane recognized all the films with "SNL" Connections. ("Ghostbusters," "Scrooged," and "Christmas Vacation"…)

Indigo got "Christmas Vacation" as well as "Little Women."

And Jackie correctly identified "The King and I" and "Little Women."

A round of applause for each of you, and thank you for playing.

I keep thinking just one more clue would identify the other four for you. But I suppose it’s time to wrap this thing up. So here are the answers:

#4—HELP! Could a former Beatlemaniac baby boomer not have chosen a Fab Four flick as one of her favorites?

#6—While You Were Sleeping. The eighties holiday romance with Sandra Bullock, Bill Pullman et al. I own this movie; I watch it every holiday season. And sometimes in July. It’s cute, it’s quirky, and it is set in Chicago. Kind of like going home for Christmas.

#9—Meet Me in St. Louis. I have a thing for old musicals. This is one of my favorites. It has no plot to speak of, but it has great songs, great costumes and Judy Garland. What more could you ask?

#10—Monsters, Inc. In my opinion, this is by far the best of the "new generation" of animated films. The art is fantastic, and the story is SOOO creative. And what’s not to love about Billy Crystal and John Goodman?

That was fun. It was a satisfactory distraction from some of the less wonderful things going on in my life.

And, in case anyone was wondering, the husband is doing much better than he was last week…J


  1. Thanks for the answers. I've watched a lot of movies but the dialogue from most of them doesn't really stick unless I watch them more than once or they really stand out. And too many of them don't stand out unless you fill in the whole back and forth dialogue. At least for me.

    And I'm really glad Lucy's "dad" is feeling better.


  2. Well.  I've seen every one of those movies, but I guess my brain doesn't work in 'quote mode'.  Dang.

    Glad the husband is doing much better than last week.  Hope he continues on that path.  :)

  3. OMG  the only one I knew was Why you were sleeping....