Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ths is NOT the Fun Part...

Things are getting a little funky around the old homestead…

I think the general population is starting to get the fact that we are indeed in a recession. Until about mid-March, the cafĂ© was still showing significant gains, we were seeing more and more regulars…life was good. I thought that through some miracle, my little place was located in some kind of recession-proof bubble. And then the bottom fell out. Just when I had started to think I might be able to put it on "cruise" for a couple of months and catch my breath.

And then the husband goes to Kaiser on Saturday and learns that he is somewhat of a walking time-bomb… Seems he is suffering from "deep vein thrombosis"—a blood clot in his leg. They are loading him up with heparin and coumadin. But not doing anything more than watching the bloody thing and hoping it doesn’t take a notion to break apart and cause major problems—like a stroke, heart attack or pulmonary embolism.

Today’s medical community…not worth a plug nickel on the open market. They give him these piles of pharmaceuticals, pat him on the head and send him home. He makes a comment to the pharmacist about not really being okay with the whole blood-thinner thing. The pharmacist replies, "It could be worse. You could be dead!"

Next day, Kaiser nurse calls to check in on him, and casually mentions that if he should have chest pain, blinding headaches, trouble breathing, speaking or seeing, he should call "911." Thanks for your concern, hon, but we went online yesterday to obtain THAT information, which you sort of forgot to impart when he was at the clinic yesterday.

WTF??? Why is he not in the hospital?????

Meanwhile, I wake up sixteen times a night and check to see if he’s still breathing.

There are times when life just wears you down…


  1. You and your husband have my sincere sympathies. Been there - done that - got the zipper chest for my troubles.  Trust me when I tell you he is much safer at home with you than in the hospital. Benign neglect is only the tip of the iceberg. If perchance he must be admitted for cardiac cath, etc. you or another family member must be prepared to be with him 24/7 to oversee care and assure that no actions are "accidentally" taken which will kill him ... that's how bad medical care in the US has become. No such thing as nursing care these days - they assign teenagers to watch the most critical patients. Given your recent experiences as an employer of teens, how effective and safe do you think that move is?

    Good luck to both of you. It may come down to a choice between hubby's welfare or the cafe. I hope fir your sake that it doesn't.


  2. You and your husband are in my thoughts.  

  3. Oh, I am so close with Wil on this one.  Lisa ... your Dear Husband is better off at home and in the care of EMTs and paramedics in the event of an emergency.  Recent experience (last year) has me believing that although it may be scary as hell to be home with a ticking time bomb, it's a better place to be.

    Thinking of you both ... knowing you are tired and could use a hand ... only the best of thoughts and good things your way.

    That being said, there must be some hospital, somewhere with good care.  Mustn't there?

  4. Sending candles your way. And honest, I sent the e card before I read this at lunch. Just got a powerful feeling that I needed to touch bases with you guys. The lemons are getting a little deep around here.

    Take care,


  5. Oh Lisa....I can just imagine how you must be feeling right about now.  Rarely have I ever seen someone stretched so thin.

    I know I would want to put him in a doctor's care and have the peace of mind of knowing he'd be adequately monitored and cared for.  Apparently, that's not an option.  I hope the drugs do their work quickly and he's given a clean bill of health.  

    I am thinking of you both.

  6. Sending you love and support. Hope the clot disapears soon- Dannelle

  7. You are due for some good luck.  

    And I agree with everyone else about hospitals...best to avoid them.  

    I'm thinking good thoughts for you and for Matt.


  8. I am so sorry to hear about your difficulties.  I know how this is; we've been dealing with some health issues Turk's been having for about a year now, and it can be truly frightening.  Peace to you both.

  9. (((lisa)))

    My prayers are with you.

  10. Sending positive thoughts your way, Lisa.  I hope things will be better for you husband very soon.