Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ten Minutes 8/26~~I'm Still Here

Okay, so it’s not still Tuesday, officially.  But to me, as long as I have not yet gone to bed, it’s today. 

Rather than tomorrow.

Or something.

This evening, I decided to while away a few hours going into the “Coming to Terms…” archives.  I went right back to 2006, the year we bought the café.  And I have to say, it left me wondering why I continued on this entrepreneurial road.

Sales were terrible. I had no pool of at least somewhat decent employees from which to choose.  It was a struggle every day. 

But I showed up.  I figured it out.  I delegated.  I hired.  I learned.

And…I’m still here.  Not only has the Old Town Café weathered the storm.  But so has “Coming to Terms…” 

I never stopped writing.  I never could.  Readers have come and readers have gone.  People I considered old friends have moved out of the “neighborhood,” never to be heard from again.  New people have come onto the scene, read and commented for a few months, and evaporated. 

But I’m still here.  And in approximately a month, I will celebrate the fifth anniversary of this blog.  Five years.  Seems short and yet incredibly long at the same time.  In my heyday, I had almost two dozen friends I ran to and asked to kiss my boo-boos, or shared victories with, or exchanged philosophy with.  Now, it’s not nearly so many.  But to those of you who know who you are…

All my love…

…and thanks. 


  1. ;)  Although we are newer to each other than five years ... the first time I stopped by for a visit I knew I'd keep coming back.  It's your writing ability -- how you are able to hone in on a point (unlike me who likes to ramble =LOL) and your honest presentation of how you view the world.  

    Like you, I had people come, go and stay ... and I have to admit, some I don't miss ... many I do ... and I am always happy to see a familiar face.

    Five years.  Who ever would have thought?

  2. Happy Anniversary! Still reading your journal and commiserating with your ups and downs. Wish I lived close to Cafe, I know I would enjoy it! Dannelle (Get some REST)

  3. Hi.  Just thought you'd like to know that you have lurkers.  I found you about the time of the last election, and have been faithful ever since.  I just don't comment often, anywhere, but I had to admire your determination..

    I read you through feeds on, so you won't see me in any stats you check.

    I'm at - eh, as if you have time for visiting....


  4. Hey!  Girl!


    A little recognition, please, for those of us to whom it is clear who you are and why you are here.

    (OK, if you must hear it:  brilliant mind, scintillating pen (or, I guess, computer), warm heart (in spite of yourself), sardonic wit, and gift for bringing people together and ramming community down their throats, whether at the Cafe or in your blog.)

    You are THE BEST, Lisa.  Happy Blog-Birthday!

    Love from Le Gannet

  5. At the start of all this, I don't think any of us could image we'd still be here five years later.  Yet, here we are!

    I've told you this before but I'll say it again...even when you don't hear from me regularly, I'm still here.  Your journal is one that I hate to miss and always take the time to read back and catch up.  And, I appreciate that you find the time to stop by and "see" me, especially since I've been writing so infrequently.  I've lost a lot of regulars, so it really warms my heart to see your screen name in my comments area.

    Love you back Lisa....

  6. Wow, five years!  Congratulations.  And of course, count me among those who read you every day, for all the reasons Robin listed.



  7. FIVE WHOLE YEARS! WOW!  Lisa I have not written in my journal since New Years but I do read every post you make.
    I think of you often ...especially when Rick and I go To Rock Creek Cafe.

  8. I realized it was five years when AOL tried some insipid celebration. But, without a true leader, such as Vivian or Pam, to take the reins, it was kind of a non-event for me. As always, if it is your five years, then its my five years!! It still hurts, like a long ago first boy firend, that AOL has changed so much from the beginning when it felt like a true community and the list of people I miss is a mile long. But, that's life! Glad so many of us are still plugging along. As I read the comments I know I still all who commented and will check out your "lurker" lol!!

  9. You keep goin' girl. Congrats on both anniversaries. Over two years for the cafe and almost five for the blog.